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Get lost in Lifeline 2’s fantasy world on Apple Watch

Dave Justus is no stranger to writing video games, having written both Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us adventure game for Mac, PC and console, as well as the original Lifeline, a text-based story game that brought the epic struggles of an astronaut named Taylor to our wrists. With the help of 3 Minute Games’ lead […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Portable battery pack juices up a MacBook with OnePlus 2’s USB-C cable

If you’re still wondering why everyone’s so excited about the new, do-it-all USB Type-C standard, check out the video below, which shows Apple’s new MacBook being juiced up by a portable battery pack and the OnePlus 2’s new USB-C cable.…Read more ›

LTE-equipped iPad Air 2’s and iPad mini 3’s are coming to China this week

If you happen to be one of our few Chinese readers, good news! Apple has just announced that LTE-equipped versions of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 will be coming to China later this week! Here’s the official…Read more ›

iPad Air 2’s versatility is the focus of Apple’s new ‘Change’ ad

Over the weekend, Apple debuted its latest ad for the iPad Air 2, named “Change.” As with all of the ads in Apple’s “Your Verse” campaign for the first generation iPad Air, the upbeat “Change” demonstrates the flexibility of the iPad…Read more ›

iPad Air 2’s new antireflective display is causing production problems

Tim Cook crowed over the sales figures of the iPad during yesterday’s Apple keynote, pointing out that it has sold a whopping 225 million units since debuting in 2010. Despite the iPad Air 2 looking like the finest iPad iteration…Read more ›

Innolux Will Help Make The iPad Mini 2′s Touch Panel [Rumor]


A new report suggests that the next iPad mini will be getting a new touch panel supplier, and guess what? It’s not Samsung.

According to David Hsieh, NPD DisplaySearch Greater China’s VP, the next iPad mini will have touch panels that came, at least in part, from Innolux.

According to the Taipei Times:

South Korea’s LG Display Co and Taiwan’s AU Optronics Corp (友達光電) are the major touch  [Read More…]