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Apple’s $450 million e-book settlement scores preliminary approval

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote has granted Preliminary approval to Apple’s proposed $ 450 million settlement for claims that it colluded with the five major U.S. publishers to increase e-book prices. The settlement fee is still pending the appeal of Judge Cote’s 2013…

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Apple prepared to pay $450 million for e-book price fixing case

One year after being found guilty of e-book price fixing, Apple has reached a conditional settlement with the U.S. State to pay $ 450 million for its role in the price fixing conspiracy that involved five major publishers. Apple’s settlement could…

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AT&T Will Pay T-Mobile Customers $450 Per Line To Switch

Looking to swap your T-Mobile plan for an AT&T one? Maybe $ 450 per line will convince you. Starting today, that’s how much AT&T is offering T-Mobile customers to make the switch when they trade in an eligible smartphone.  “In addition to a…

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$450 Million Slashed From Apple’s $1 Billion Damages Award In Samsung Patent Lawsuit


Apple has lost nearly half of the $ 1 billion in damages it was awarded last August after beating Samsung in a high-profile U.S. patent lawsuit. The presiding judge over the case, Lucy Koh, decided to invalidate $ 450.5 million of the original damages owed to Apple in a new ruling today.

Damages were incorrectly calculated for 14 Samsung devices related to the trial, and Koh has ordered a retrial for the  [Read More…]