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‘Shot on iPhone 6′ campaign proves humbling for young photographer

Cult of Mac’s Photo Famous series introduces you to the groundbreaking photographers featured in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6″ ad campaign.  Michael Mainenti is in the developmental stages of a photography career, a point when he should be looking at… Read more ›

What Cielo D. ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ became a billboard and a symbol of hope

There was a divorce, financial setback and hurt when the father she finally met had little interest in building a relationship. Cielo de la Paz needed just one small sign to remind her happier days lie ahead.   She would… Read more ›

Photographers thrilled with exposure from ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ ad campaign

Flavio Sarescia’s photography is on billboards around the world, walls of train stations and even the back cover of a magazine. Yet he makes his living selling dog food.   His moody photo of a resting surfer on a rocky… Read more ›

Hilarious ‘Also Shot on iPhone 6′ posters slime Apple’s shiny facade

You just knew that when Apple announced its new “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign — crowdsourced from the millions of photos shot by regular iPhone owners each year, and displayed on billboards and bus stops around the world — it… Read more ›

Angry Apple tells Thai officials next phone may not be called ‘iPhone 6′

Apple is livid that a Thai government official spilled the beans on its pending launch of two new iPhone models and requested a meeting with officials at the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to talk about a little thing… Read more ›

Leaked logic boards revive ‘NFC on iPhone 6′ rumor

Tell me if you’ve heard this rumor before: the iPhone is getting NFC this year. Well NFC fever is back again for 2014′s iPhone rumor season, only instead oozing from the mouths of misinformed analysts, a new rumor based on alleged… Read more ›