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How to Run 64-Bit Only Mode Mac OS

Advanced Mac users, administrators, and developers who wish to test Mac OS in 64-bit mode can do so with the help of a terminal command. Essentially this will only allow 64-bit applications and processes to run on the Mac, which can be helpful for discovering what (if any) apps, tasks, components, processes, and items may … Read More

Believe it or not, Apple’s working on new 64-bit iPods

With Apple Music making waves, a dedicated music-playing device like the iPod suddenly seems more relevant than it’s been in years. Which is why it’s great to hear that Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a refreshed lineup of iPod…Read more ›

The deadline closes in for iOS 8, 64-bit compatible apps

If you’re a developer, listen up: it’s time to make sure your apps can support iOS 8 and Apple’s 64-bit ARM processors. Otherwise, you won’t be able to submit them to the App Store anymore. Apple has just issued the…Read more ›

Apple says all apps must support iOS 8 and 64-bit from February

iOS 8 has only been out a short amount of time, but Apple’s already keen that it takes over as the company’s go-to mobile OS. In a new posting on its developer portal, Apple announced that starting February 1, 2015,…Read more ›

Fast, secure 64-bit support comes to Google Chrome on the Mac in beta form

If you’re a Chrome user, good news: the latest beta version of Google’s excellent web browser finally takes full-advantage of the speed and performance boosts of your Mac’s 64-bit chip. Prepare for a speedier, more stable web browsing experience. And…Read more ›

Google Chrome beta finally goes 64-bit for OS X

Google today rolled out a new Chrome beta for OS X — officially dubbed Chrome Canary — which finally takes advantage of the 64-bit processors built into the latest Macs. The change should mean better performance when browsing the web, but it…Read more ›

Qualcomm’s 64-Bit Snapdragon 808 & 810 CPUs Will Arrive In 2015

Qualcomm today announced its next-generation Snapdragon processors with 64-bit architecture. They’re called the Snapdragon 808 and the Snapdragon 810, and they’re “designed to deliver the ultimate connected mobile computing experiences in video, imaging and graphics,” with Cat 6 LTE Advanced…Read more ›

Codea Adds Revamped Code Editor And 64-Bit Support

Essentially the Garage Band of coding, smart iPad coding editor Codea has received a major update. Adding a new iOS 7 interface and full 64-bit support for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, Codea 2.0 also includes…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Intel: 64-Bit Android Tablets Will Be Available In 2014

While Android hardware manufacturers were busy trying to pack as many cores as they could into their smartphone and tablet processors, Apple took a different route and decided to go 64-bit instead. It’s a move that makes the iPhone 5s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung To Adopt 64-Bit Chips & 16MP Cameras For Next Year’s Flagships [Rumor]

Apple’s iPhone 5s became the world’s first smartphone with a 64-bit processor when it launched this September, but as you might expect, it’ll have plenty of competitors next year. Unsurprisingly, some of those will come from Samsung, which is already…Read more ›

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