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Honda Gets Closer To iOS In The Car With 7-Inch Touchscreen In New Civic And Fit Vehicles

A week ago Honda brought Siri Eyes Free integration to its 2013-2014 Accord and 2013 Acura vehicles. The automobile maker said it had additional functionality to announce today, and the news is out. Honda has put a 7-inch “Display Audio” touchscreen…Read more ›    [Read More…]

WSJ: Microsoft Developing 7-Inch Surface To Compete With iPad Mini, Nexus 7


Microsoft is planning a new lineup of Surface tablets that includes a 7-inch model designed to compete with Apple’s iPad mini and Google’s Nexus 7, The Wall Street Journal reports. The device will enter mass production later this year, according to people familiar with Microsoft’s plans, but it’s unclear when the company will bring the new slate to market.

The Journal reports that Microsoft didn’t start planning a 7-inch tablet until recently, having seen  [Read More…]

Next iPod nano To Feature Wi-Fi For iTunes Access, iPad mini Confirmed Name For 7-Inch Apple Tablet? [Rumor]

We’ve heard little about the next version of the iPad nano, or if Apple will even release another one at all. While a new iPhone and smaller iPad look to be on the cards, the future of the iPod lineup is a tad uncertain.

According to a new report today, the next iPad nano will come with Wi-Fi functionality for iTunes in Cloud. “iPad mini” name may also be the official  [Read More…]

Eddy Cue Wanted A 7-inch iPad In 2011

According to an internal email revealed during the Samsung vs. Apple trial currently in progress, Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and services was in favor of the idea of a 7-inch iPad back in 2011.

In an email to Scott Forstall, Tim Cook, and Phil Schiller, Cue remarked: “I believe there will be a 7-inch market and we should do one.”

According to The Verge:

“Forstall is shown  [Read More…]

Bloomberg: Apple Will Launch A Non-Retina 7-Inch iPad In October [Rumor]

Will a 7-inch iPad be Apples one more thing this fall?

Adding more fuel to the iPad Mini fire, a new report from Bloomberg says that Apple is planning to launch a cheaper 7-inch iPad in October. The device will feature a non-Retina1024768 display. In theory, the third-gen iPad would still serve as Apples premium tablet with a Retina display and faster internals, and the 7-inch iPad would be priced  [Read More…]

The Real Reasons Apple Will Ship a 7-Inch iPad

Samsung is going all-out to promote the Galaxy Note as the companys new iPhone killer. The now-famous Superbowl ad imagines a scenario in which iPhone fans waiting in line outside Apple stores for the next phone see a guy using a Galaxy Note with a pen. Theyre stunned as they realize that he can draw on maps and pictures using the phones stylus. So overwhelmed with the revelation that one might  [Read More…]

7-Inch iPad Mini To Launch Alongside iPad 3 [Rumor]

Rumors of an iPad mini have been revived once again today after a Technology Business Research analyst said Apple will launch two new products at its upcoming iPad event. And when we say new, we dont mean a next-generation refresh we mean something brand new. Those products are expected to be a new case accessory that features an integrated keyboard (about time!), and a smaller 7-inch iPad. Ezra Gottheil  [Read More…]

Report: No 7-Inch iPad in Store for 2012

Apple’s 2012 iPad strategy apparently doesn’t include the long-rumored 7-inch model, according to the latest insight from analyst Brian Blair with Wedge Partners. On Friday, Blair revealed that the “iPad mini” remains a mythical idea largely invented by the rumor mill. Blair tells investors that there is no credible evidence or supply-chain chatter to suggest that such a product from Apple will soon arrive. “Jobs was emphatic in his view that 7-inch tablets were dead  [Read More…]

Kindle Fire, Nook Fueling Orders For 7-Inch Displays As iPad 2 Production Slows

Photo by Gadgetmac – http://flic.kr/p/aGaiSV

Remember the infamous Steve Jobs put-down of 7-inch tablet screens, telling reporters buyers would need to file down their fingertips in order to use the darn thing? Although we dont see tinier fingers becoming the in-style for Christmas, suppliers are pumping out more 7-inch screens for the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet and fewer 9.7-inch displays for the iPad 2. In reality, we are seeing  [Read More…]

Can A 7-Inch Android Kindle Tablet Give iPad A Run For Its Money?

Its the first day of fall in the U.S. and already the forecast is turning gloomy on whether the current batch of Android tablets can overcome Apples lead. Amazon, perhaps with the best chance to rival the iPad, may have already stumbled by putting up a 7-inch device against Apples larger alternative, industry experts warned Friday. Amazon may run a risk by releasing a 7-inch tablet when 10-inch models have mostly  [Read More…]