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What Apple eventually got right in its awkward ’80s video

In 1987, Apple created a video set in 1997 that was all about how much better the world was with all of the amazing Apple products the company was going to create. Almost 20 years later, some of the predictions…Read more ›

Protect your iPhone 6/6+ in 80’s gaming charm with Retro Classics Nintendo Cases [Deals]

  If you are the proud owner of a new iPhone 6 or 6+, you are going to want to protect it so it will work like new for years to come. But most cases that really protect your iPhone cost…Read more ›

Benchmarked iPad 2 Outdoes 80’s Supercomputer

Click the image to open in full size. The amount of innovation and technology developments in the last 20 years are astounding. The jump from "PCs" to true personal computers, laptops, powerful mobile phones, and the technology advancements within each category are just a few examples. These major developments are still recurring today and were shaped through tons of research and inventive work that started in the early 1980’s. An article recently posted in  [Read More…]