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This painter sees the world through 8-bit glasses

Remember being lost in the 8-bit world of Atari and Nintendo? When Adam Lister was a boy, he couldn’t spend enough time in his basement playing Pong, Space Invaders or Donkey Kong. Games and graphics, of course, evolved, and the…Read more ›

8-bit Miyazaki tribute film will fill you with nostalgia

My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle. Ponyo, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Chances are you’re thinking of these lovely, peaceful, wonderful animated films right now. And these are just a few of the fantastic and bewitching animated films that Hayao…Read more ›

iOS platformer Goblin Sword takes us back to the 8-bit glory days

I’m a massive fan of nostalgic 2-D platformers, so the sight of Goblin Sword has me buzzing. An entirely new iOS action platforming game, the title nonetheless borrows its inspiration from classic 8-bit platformers of the NES era of gaming,…Read more ›

Defend demons from 8-bit fairies in adorably addictive tower defense game

When your girlfriend grabs the iPad and won’t give it back, you know you’ve got a hit game in your hands. Well, her hands. Seriously, I had to arm-wrestle her to get the iPad back so I could do this…Read more ›

Get This Awesome 8-Bit Interactive Fireplace For Your Mac, Itís Perfect For Christmas!

Sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning with a DVD of a roaring fireplace looping on your television? Tacky! Sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning with an 8-bit interactive fireplace roaring on your Mac? Awesome!   What a great Christmas gift: Ted Martenís incredible Fireplace app has finally come to OS X, allowing Mac users to bask in the retro,  [Read More…]

Recreate The Andromeda Galaxy In 8-Bit Pixel Art On Your Lion Desktop!

Sick of the (admittedly tweaked) clarity of the Andromeda Galaxy, Lionís default wallpaper? Why not download this 8-bit pixel art recreation of the same in glorious 2560 x 1600. Snow Leopard loyalist? Thereís a version for you too. [via OS X Daily]

Theme Of The Week: VIP, 8-Bit & Studio OS

VIP FIF7Y Formerly named “Actinium” theme has gotten a complete overhaul and has emerged as “VIP”. The theme features a brand new UI, icons and almost everything else. The theme comes available in HD and SD versions. Included in the theme are some tightly designed loading images, sleek high-definition chatkit for SMS Messaging, and some incredibly detailed icons. You can find this theme in Cydia within the next day or two. Teaser on YouTube†|†Original Thread