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Mega-investor Carl Icahn says buying AAPL is a “no-brainer”

Apple just had a killer quarter. In fact, it was the most profitable quarter for any company in history. As such, Apple stock is up 5% since Wednesday trading. But has Apple peaked? Not according to legendary investor Carl Icahn,…Read more ›

AAPL was 2nd most purchased stock by hedge funds in Q2 2014

AAPL is back in a big way. After breaking an all-time high of $ 100.53, the price of Apple shares have continued to climb upward, and according the a WSJ report, hedge funds are piling onto the stock in droves. Over…Read more ›

AAPL closes at all-time high of $100.53 per share

AAPL shares have finally completed the long climb back to 2012 levels today, closing at an all-time high of $ 100.53 per share. The stock’s 1.4 percent rise today was aided by bullish reports from both RBC and Morgan Stanley claiming…Read more ›

AAPL stock splits 7-to-1, opens trading at $92

Do not adjust your sets: despite finishing Friday at $ 645, Apple stock will open today at around $ 92. This is the result of a 7-to-1 stock split, which will see the price of stock divided by 7 and shareholders of…Read more ›

AAPL! AAPL! AAPL! Buy! Buy! Buy!

Sell the house. Sell the car. Sell the kids. Take every penny you own and invest it in Apple stock, because the company is about to go gangbusters. The big news from yesterday’s earth-shattering earnings call is that this is…Read more ›

AAPL Shares Are Down Nearly 3% After iPhone 5C Announcement

AAPLdown    Usually after an iPhone announcement Wall Street goes crazy for AAPL stock, sending the price on the up-and-up. But after today’s announcement of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S, AAPL is down nearly 3% as it’s dropped about 14.17 points. There’s still some time left in the trading day, so the stock […]

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Carl Icahn Says AAPL Is ‘Extremely Undervalued’ After Phone Call With Tim Cook

o-CARL-ICAHN-NETFLIX-facebookAAPL shares rose 5.6% in value today value today after word came out that billionaire investor Carl Icahn thinks the company is ‘extremely undervalued.’ The stock was trading above $493 a share after 3PM ET today – a nice $26 jump up from the stock’s closing price on Monday. Icahn revealed on Twitter that he […]

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Tim Cook: Declining AAPL Price Over Past Few Quarters Has Been Very Frustrating

Apple CEO Tim Cook showed his imprint on Apple during the company's financial call

Apple just released its Q2 2013 Financial results, and even though Apple beat its own estimates, Tim Cook started the Quarterly Financial Call on the defensive.

Cook started the call by explaining how exceptional Apple’s 2012 financial results were for Apple, so it’s hard for the company to improve sales this quarter. Then Cook commented on Apple’s struggling stock price by  [Read More…]

Even As Wall Street Gets Stupider About AAPL, Verizon Sells More iPhones Than Ever


Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: even as Apple’s stock price has plunged below $ 400 as twitchy Wall Street investors panic upon rumors that iPhone and iPad demand has slowed, Verizon Wireless has reported that they activated 4 million iPhones in the last quarter. That’s 500,000 more than was estimated, an 84% increase year-over-year in iPhones activated: overall, it means that almost 56% of all phones Verizon sold last quarter  [Read More…]

How A Celebrity Apple Analyst Lost Millions Of Dollars Betting Big On AAPL

Andy Zaky

This guy bet big on Apple and lost hard.

Andy Zaky has been one of the most famous independent Apple analysts for years. The self-taught, 33-year-old investor has offered some of the most wildly accurate predictions on Wall Street, and in the past he’s been pretty spot on with his bullish calls to buy AAPL stock.

But something happened to Apple’s stock value after hitting its September 2012 high of $ 700+  [Read More…]