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Want to live above an Apple Store? Now you can.

How much do you love the Apple Store? Enough to drop $ 495,000 to buy an apartment right above one? Then boy, do we have the right real estate deal for you. Gary Allen over at the excellent ifo Apple Store…

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Apple shares close above $600 for first time since 2012

  AAPL shares have been extremely undervalued for years, according to CEO Tim Cook, but it looks like Wall Street is starting to warm on Apple as the share price crested above $ 600 this afternoon for the first time since 2012.…

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Hate iOS 7? The Jailbreak For iOS 6.1.3 And Above Is Now Here

That didn’t take long. Just twenty-four hours after Cult of Mac first reported that a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 and 6.1.5 was incoming, it’s here, allowing even iOS 7 holdouts to get in on the jailbreaking fun. Developed by iOS hackers ih8snow, winocm and SquiffyPwn, the new jailbreak tool is called p0sixspawn, and it […]


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Tiny Earshot Speakers Punch Above Their Weight [Review]

earshotsredEarshots byKubxlab Category: Speakers Works With:Anything Price: $50 It’s hard to exaggerate the effect that stereo has on sound. Sure, it gives you different sounds from the left and right speakers, positioning the musical instruments or the on-screen action in 3-D space, but it also opens up the sound and makes it seem a lot […]

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Adobe Releases Flash 11 & AIR Version 3, But Youll Need Snow Leopard Or Above


Following its teasers last month, Adobe has released Flash 11 for Mac OS X � and other platforms � along with AIR 3. The applications promise to deliver cutting edge 3D graphics that Adobe says will offer �console-quality� gaming, and performance up to 1,000 faster than Flash 10.

The latest Flash release boasts �Stage3D� accelerated graphics rendering, which Adobe says provides advanced 2D and 3D rendering in Flash applications; and�native 64-bit support  [Read More…]