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I’m an avid Instragammer. And yes, I even take pictures of food, and clouds and all that stupid stuff. It’s horrible. It’s a bad habit. I need to stop. But I can’t. Maybe if the most loathed band in the world would just make a song about how awesome Instagram is then I’d be motivated to kick the habit.

Nickelback still hasn’t worked Instagram into the lyrics of their next mega-album, but CollegeHumor just created the perfect Nickelback video that  [Read More…]

Imagine powering through your workday, high off the anticipation of a new iPhone 5 waiting for you at home. You keep checking the UPS package tracking to make sure they drop it off and leave it on your back porch because you’re not there to bring it inside.

Pulling up to your house, you can feel your heartbeat pulsing with excitement in your fingertips, so you run to the backyard to retrieve the new  [Read More…]