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Ac1dsn0w Will Be Updated With Pod2g’s Untethered Jailbreak

imRel0ad is one of the people behind the Ac1dsn0w jailbreak tool. If you remember Ac1dsn0w, it’s a new jailbreak tool for the Mac only that did the same thing that redsn0w and sn0wbreeze did – jailbroke your iDevice. Ac1dsn0w started with a bumpy beginning at beta 1 infringing copyrights with the use of Apple’s code countless times. Afterwards, Ac1dsn0w beta 2 was released which claimed to fix the problem with copyright use and the tool  [Read More…]

Ac1dsn0w Beta 2 Released

Remember Ac1dsn0w by the Pwn Dev Team? Ac1dsn0w is an alternative TETHERED JAILBREAK tool that iOS 5 iDevice owners can choose from amongst Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze. If you remember correctly, the Pwn Dev Team was hammered hard with their first release with both disappointment in that the jailbreak was still tethered and also that the tool infringed on copyright laws by using Apple’s own material a myriad of times as MuscleNerd confirmed on the day of its first release.  [Read More…]

Ac1dsn0w Beta 1 Released

The Pwn Dev Team has released another working jailbreak tool for iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1. Tired of the same old jailbreak tools? Want to try something new? The Pwn Dev Team has released a new tool dubbed Ac1dsn0w. The tool was originally set to be dubbed Acidra1n. The development team decided to change the name at the last minute and so, if you are looking for Acidra1n, you won’t find it. TETHERED JAILBREAK [Read More…]

[How To] Jailbreak iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 With Ac1dsn0w

Ac1dsn0w is a new jailbreak tool released by the Pwn Dev Team to jailbreak iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1. Be warned that Ac1dsn0w is brand new and in Beta number 1. There will be bugs. You do this at your own risk. If you want a more reliable jailbreak, use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze. TETHERED JAILBREAK Ac1dsn0w is only available for Mac OS X right now. For legality issues, we will not be providing links. You  [Read More…]

Pwn Dev Team’s Recently Released Jailbreak Tool Ac1dSn0w Infringes Copyright Laws

Apparently the recently released jailbreak tool, Ac1dsn0w, which was recently released by the Pwn Dev Team infringes upon Apple’s code. The jailbreak tool allows for a tethered jailbreak of any iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, or iPad 1. It comes with similar tools to other jailbreaking tools and allows you to boot tethered as well as jailbreak. Through the use of Apple’s code, the tool is able to perform  [Read More…]