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Save up to 92% on favorite lifetime deals like Stone River Academy and iOS developer training [Deals]

Leave the cramming to college students. If you prefer to learn on your own time, we’ve rounded up our best deals on lifetime-access packages for coding courses, WordPress theme builders, finance classes and more. Plus, check out Cult of Mac’s…Read more ›

Best deals of the week ft. 92% off a lifetime of e-learning with Stone River Academy [Deals]

Who doesn’t love going to the carnival? It has something for everyone: Rides, games, performers, all kinds of food. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of fun. Perusing Cult of Mac Deals is just like going to the carnival. There’s a wide…Read more ›

Khan Academy, LastPass, and other awesome apps of the week

Hone Your Editing Skills With Photoshop Video Academy [Deals]

Designers, photographers, artists, budding photoshop gurus – be honest with yourself, could your Photoshop, Lightroom, or Illustrator skills use some retouching? Maybe you just want to add a couple new tricks to your editor’s arsenal or bolster your portfolio. No…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Cocktail Academy Will Make You Feel Like Tom Cruise In — Wait, Nobody Remembers That Movie

Cocktail Academy — Food & Drink — $ 3.99 Cocktail Academy is a new app for people who would like to make their favorite drinks themselves or try some new ones without embarrassing themselves in front of their friends. It has…Read more ›

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Charming Free-To-Play Match-Three Game Dragon Academy Is Live In The App Store

Dragon AcademyWith an odd mix of Bejeweled and Pokemon, including a dash of inspiration from Puzzles and Dragons, Dragon Academy aims to be your next iOS game addiction. available now in the App Store for the low price of free-to-play, Dragon Academy tasks you with matching jewels of different dragon-enhancing powers to level up your adorable, […]

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Hero Academy Hits The App Store, Brings iOS Strategy Board Game To The Mac

Hero Academy Splash Screen

Hero Academy is a pretty fantastic iOS strategy game that plays out like a cross between chess and a tactical role playing game (RPG), played against a single opponent in asynchronous turns. Developer Robot Entertainment has created an experience that’s equal parts dead easy to learn and super fun to play, with a depth of tactics and strategy gameplay that hits the sweet spot for a fun on  [Read More…]

Ten Years Later, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Lands at The Mac App Store


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was created (OK, so it wasn’t that far away, but Wisconsin, apparently home at the time of developer Raven Software, is an alien world). But now this classic first-person shooter available at the Mac App Store — so you can experience how much fun your PC friends were having a decade ago.

Yes, it’s an old  [Read More…]

Cult Of Mac’s Awesome 2012 Advent Calendar: Day 24 — Hero Academy

One of the better Yuletide traditions is the venerable holiday Advent Calendar, in which each day of December leading up to Christmas is marked off on a special calendar by opening its corresponding door to find a small gift, toy or chocolate squirreled away inside.

This year, we here at Cult of Mac decided we wanted to give our readers their very own Apple-themed advent calendar, filled with the year’s best  [Read More…]

Khan Academy App for iPad Helps You Learn Just About Anything

Khan Academy If you like free online learning tools, youll enjoy Khan Academys new iPad app. Khan Academy is a popular educational service that aims to offer a free world-class education to anyone by way of over 3,000 video courses. These videos and lectures cover everything from biology, chemistry, physics, humanities, world history, finance, programming, computer science fundamentals, K-12 mathematics, and much more. All Khan Academy videos are hosted on YouTube,  [Read More…]