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These Wooden Accents For The iPhone 5 Are Gorgeously Mid-Century

Everyone at Cult of Mac knows I’m a sucker for wood-paneling all of my gadgets. I wood-paneled my iPhone 4s, my iPhone 5, my iPad, my iPad mini, and even my MacBook Air. I have to say, though, that as…

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Another Wooden iPhone 5 Case, This Time With Cool Color Accents

Got wood? Good. Then you won’t be interested in the new Clic Wooden case from Native Union. It’s a rather slick little number featuring a solid cherry wood back panel with a high-gloss plastic insert.

I have always been skeptical of wooden cases for tech gadgets: it always seemed like trying to hide the essence of the device in an olde worlde cloak. But having tried out a couple (the Kubxlab Ultra  [Read More…]

Mastering The iOS Keyboard: Easily Add Special Symbols And Accents [iOS Tips]

Special Characters

So, there you are, typing a long note on your iPhone or iPad, when you suddenly realize that you need–gasp–a special symbol or accented character. Perhaps you want to use the £ (British pound) symbol, or the é symbol when sending an email to a business associate or family member.

No, you don’t have to use the Emoji keyboard (unless you want a copyright (©) symbol), but there is a bit  [Read More…]