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Accessing the Downloads Folder on Mac & Finding Downloaded Files

Ever wondered where all the downloaded files go on your Mac? By default, most apps will transfer downloaded files into the user Downloads folder. This applies to all downloads to a Mac made from the web with Safari, Chrome, through AirDrop, or from the many file transfer apps out there. There are many different ways … Read More

Show a Photo On Your iPhone Without Someone Accessing Camera Roll

Have you ever wanted to share an iPhone picture with someone, but you’re concerned about them flipping through your camera roll and finding other photos you’d rather not share? If you want to limit that you have a few options available, but because the iPhone doesn’t have a specific ability to lock onto a single … Read More

Quickly Take Pictures with iPad by Accessing Camera from the Lock Screen

Taking a picture with an iPad

The lock screen camera is one of the more handy features of the iPhone, but the iPad does not have that same quick-to-access camera option. That doesn’t mean you can’t take pictures directly from the lock screen on the iPad, you just have to use Siri to launch directly into the camera app from the lock screen instead:

1: Summon Siri by holding down the  [Read More…]

The New iPad Already Accounts For 6.6% Of All Apple Tablets Accessing The Internet

The new iPad is already making its mark on internet traffic.

In its first three days of availability, Apple’s new iPad sold an incredible 3 million devices, so it’s no surprise to us that it already accounts for 6.6% of all Apple tablets accessing the internet. That’s according to a new report from mobile ad network Chitika Insights, which monitored  [Read More…]

Skype Releases New WiFi-Only App For Accessing Hotspots With Skype Credit

In a surprise move, Skype has released a WiFi app that allows users to access over one million hotspots with Skype’s pay per minute credits. The app is clearly geared towards international travelers, and Skype is offering its new WiFI app for free in the App Store. “With the new Skype WiFi app, you can go online on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (running iOS 4.1 or above with multitasking)  [Read More…]