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Why It Could Be Almost Impossible To Buy A Dock Accessory For Your Next iPhone This Year

When the new iPhone is released with an all-new, totally redesigned 9-pin dock connector, even with an adapter, it’s going to throw the entire third-party iPhone accessory market into chaos. And unfortunately, it looks like Apple’s giving accessory makers no time to prepare with an early peek at the 9-pin connector. When the next iPhone debuts, it will take months for compatible accessories to be released. Sink or swim time.

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This iTypewriter Is The Most Ridiculous iPad Accessory You’ll See All Week

There has been no shortage of iPhone and iPad accessories that attempt to mix old school technologies with the new. Some pull it off pretty well, while others are just comical. The iTypewriter is probably the most preposterous thing we’ve seen all month, but hipsters everywhere are going to love it.

The iTypewriter is a concept created by Austin Yang that allows users to enjoy the old feeling of typing.  [Read More…]

Your iPhone Can Now Test If Your Delicious Organic Beef Is Really Organic With This Accessory

Scientific instruments usually look crazy weird and aren’t designed to be user-friendly for the every day, non-scientist man. Lapka is looking to change that with their beautifully designed, semi-affordable Personal Environmental Monitor.

Lapka allows iPhone users to attach four different measuring instruments which can test for radiation, nitrates, humidity, and electromagnetic frequency, so you can create a perfect climate in your home, make sure your food is truly organic, find the perfect spot  [Read More…]

This Monstrous Mech Suit Is The Coolest iPhone Accessory You’ll Never Own

This thing is absolutely insane. That’s all we can think of when watching the video of this huge mech suit built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Not only is it gigantic, but it’s fully functional, with robotic arms, BB gatling guns, water bottle launchers, and a kick-ass cockpit that looks like something out of your favorite video game.

The Kuratas, is a 13-foot, 4.4-ton metal mech suit. The best part is that  [Read More…]

Apple Rumored to Unveil New Apple TV and Accessory Alongside iPad 3

According to the folks over at 9to5Mac, sources that are close to Apple’s upcoming product released are saying that Apple is launching a new Apple TV alongside the next-generation iPad. It was initially being reported that Apple would be releasing not one but two major new products in early March. The new Apple TV is rumored to include a faster processor (a possible variation of the A5 chip). The A5 chip is said to be required  [Read More…]

The Top 7 iPhone and iPad Accessory Trends In The CES iLounge [CES 2012]

ILounge8 LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 — Four times bigger than last year, and now filling about half the massive north hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the iLounge is home to an enormous plethora of iDevice accessories. I weaved and wandered through lanes of the iLounge pondering the products I was seeing, and out of all of what I found filling the massive  [Read More…]

[Review] Keep the Annoying ‘Accessory Connected’ Image Off of Your iDevice

Does the image above annoy you? How often does this happen to you: you attach an accessory to your iDevice and that annoying icon above comes up on your screen? 100% of the time? It should, because that’s the way Apple has the iDevice set up to act when an accessory is connected. The Accessory Connected screen is annoying because it makes it impossible to select media from your iPod to play. That icon replaces  [Read More…]

The 60beat GamePad Accessory Is An iOS Gamer’s Dream [Video]

While there are many benefits to gaming on an iOS device, such as cheap games and an impressive handheld experience, there is one downside: no physical control pad. That won’t be much of a problem to some, but to gamers like me — who like to play first-person shooters and retro platformers — a physical control pad compatible with our iOS devices is truly missed. That’s why the 60beat GamePad is a dream come true for iOS gamers. The 60beat  [Read More…]

What Is The Best Apple Accessory of 2011? [Poll]

  This year we’ve seen a slew of absolutely amazing accessories for Apple devices come to the market for both the iMac, MacBooks, iPhones, iPad and AppleTV. Many of them have been remarkable but we’re having a hard time distinguishing which Apple Accessories should be considered the absolute best of 2011, so we’re turning to our readers to help us out.   We’ve created a poll consisting of 20 Apple Accessories  [Read More…]

This Awesome Accessory Turns an iPhone Into a Fully Functional Microscope

We’ve seen some truly great accessories for the iPhone this year and the SkyLight should should certainly be counted among them. The SkyLight is a sleek, easy to use adapter that can connect an iPhone to a microscope. In an effort to overcome the global shortage in trained healthcare workers, SkyLight’s creators hope to connect doctors and nurses to patients in developing nations and rural areas. By holding an iPhone steady  [Read More…]