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Every Single Mobile Ad I’ve Ever Clicked Has Been On Accident And Google Knows It

I’d say the single most annoying part of my mobile experience is when I accidentally click on a strategically placed ad. Most of the time, ads are placed in close proximity to where a user needs to touch in order to scroll or advance — not to mention there’s little screen real estate to begin with. Thankfully, and surprisingly, Google has been working on making accidental clicks a thing of the  [Read More…]

Father Uses Find My iPhone To Locate Teenage Son Following Car Accident


Are you using Find My iPhone yet?

Apple’s Find My iPhone service is often used to locate thieves who have stolen iOS devices, but it can also be a life saver. A 17-year-old was air lifted to hospital on Friday, November 2, following a car accident in Santa Barbara, California. But if it wasn’t for Find My iPhone, paramedics would have struggled to find him.

The boy’s vehicle was found 200 feet  [Read More…]

Apple Leaks Photos of Thunderbolt LED Display By Accident

Today the Apple fell a little farther from the tree than usual as the company seemingly confirmed, via the Cinema Display page on their website, the LED minitors would be seeing a refresh very soon. The first giveaway discovered byMacRumorswas a product number hidden in the URL of an image of Apples LED Cinema Display. The product number was originally leaked earlier in the week and thought to be the product number of the new  [Read More…]