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Misfit unveils faster, more accurate Shine 2 fitness tracker

Misfit is back with a major update to its award-winning Shine fitness and sleep tracker. The new Shine 2 is faster and more accurate than its predecessor, with an added 3-axis magnetometer and updated hardware that promises improved responsiveness and snappier syncing. Shine 2 retains the subtle aesthetic of the original Shine, but it’s a […]

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Google makes voice search faster and more accurate

Google voice searches just got faster and more accurate, thanks to new acoustic models that provide better voice recognition, especially in noisy environments. “New acoustic models are now used for voice searches and commands in the Google app (on Android and iOS), and for dictation on Android devices,” wrote the Google Speech Team on the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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It took 800 Nanoblocks to build this insanely accurate Apple Watch replica

Okay, this is pretty cool: a 2.6x scale model of an Apple Watch built entirely out of Nanoblocks, the tiny building blocks made popular in Japan, but with a growing international following. With the smallest brick being 4mm x 4mm x 5mm, creating this…Read more ›

iOS 7.1.1 Touch ID is not only more accurate, but faster

We knew Apple had improved Touch ID recognition in iOS 7.1.1, but now – thanks to Redditor iOSecure – we know how and why. Apparently, the reason that accuracy would decay over time was down to users screwing up their…Read more ›

Could This iPhone 6 Be The Most Accurate Mockup Yet?

Well-known Dutch designer and concept artist Martin Hajek has created a new iPhone 6 rendering, which might just be the most accurate one to date. Hajek had previously teamed up with Nowherelse to create a stunning mock-up based on the…Read more ›

MiniSuit’s Full-Sized iPad Keyboard Is Accurate, Solid, And Too Big [Review]

There are tons of wireless keyboards on the market these days for all sorts of prices. Those for portable devcies like the iPad are even more numerous, and of wildly divergent quality. I’ve long been a fan of the Logitech…Read more ›

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Is This New Phone Dongle Breathalyzer The Most Accurate? [Indiegogo]


The makers of Floome, a new breathalyzer dongle that clips into a smartphone’s headphone jack, say their gadget is more accurate than the Breathometer breathalyzer we featured in March, because Floome is equipped with a key ingredient missing from the former: a flowmeter.

2045Tech, the outfit behind Floome, says on their Indiegogo page that the flowmeter they use is “the same sensor as law enforcement breathalyzers.”

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Pixter, A Fast, Accurate And Good-Looking OCR App For iPhone


A few months back, I spent far too many hours trying to find an app which would scan a page of text and turn into actual, editable text. I found none. Or rather, I found nothing good. There are plenty of OCR (optical character recognition) apps in the store, but they were either inaccurate, or ugly, or (most often) both.

And while Evernote is excellent at letting you search on scanned  [Read More…]

Is CamFind Four Times More Accurate Than Google Goggles? [Kickstarter]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3VQkuu3uUM?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

That’s what CamFind‘s developers are claiming — that the app is at least four times more accurate than Google Goggles at recognizing and then searching for the subject of a photo you’ve taken with your iPhone.

If you’re unfamiliar with the two-year-old Google Goggles function (integrated within the Google Search app) the idea is pretty simple. Just snap a photo with your iPhone, and the app tries to recognize what you’ve taken a photo of. Once identified, you  [Read More…]

Pretty, Functional And Accurate, Maps+ Completely Fixes Utterly Broken iOS 6 Maps

I despise iOS 6 Maps. Despite writing some initially favorable early impressions that now seem like they were written by a slathering moron demon who temporarily possessed my soul, ever since iOS 6 has been released, I have been frustrated by a fail rate on iOS 6 Maps that hovers somewhere around 70%. Not only can I most of the time not get iOS 6 Maps to give me a correct  [Read More…]