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Apple accuses FBI of using All Writs Act like ‘magic wand’

Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell said the FBI threw “all decorum to the winds” in its latest federal court filing, but in the company’s official response today it has vowed it does not “intend to response in kind.” The iPhone-maker says in its latest filing that the FBI’s claim that it exhausted all viable investigative […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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China’s state TV accuses iPhone of stealing data

The iPhone’s standby mode is coming under fire from the state-controlled media in China, which released a new report claiming Apple’s smartphone is stealing data from customers. High data rates are currently a huge issues in China, so the China’s…Read more ›

Russian minister accuses Apple of distributing gay porn to minors

Some people just won’t let go, will they? Still upset about Apple’s much-maligned U2 album giveaway last year, Russian politician Alexander Starovoitov has come up with a new complaint we’ve not heard before: That by gifting Songs of Innocence to millions…Read more ›

Finnish Prime Minister accuses Apple of crashing his country’s economy

People blame Apple for the craziest things: from crafting metal devices that bend if you apply enough pressure, to giving out free albums, to — now — crashing national economies. Today’s “gate” incident (Finnishgate?) comes from Finland prime minister Alexander Stubb…Read more ›

Jony Ive accuses Xiamoi and others of idea ‘theft’ at Vanity Fair Summit

While some may see Xiamoi, Samsung, and other players in the smartphone race as iPhone copycats, Jony Ive sees it as downright “theft.” That was the clear takeaway from Ive’s interview at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit today. “I…Read more ›

FiftyThree Accuses Facebook Of Stealing Their App Name

Today, Facebook released an incredible new app called Paper that is a total reimagining of what Facebook on a mobile device means. As I wrote over on Fast Co. Design, it’s the opening sentence in Facebook’s next 10-year plan that…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung Demands Retrial Of Retrial, Accuses Apple Of Race Baiting

As part of the ongoing legal saga with Apple, Samsung’s lawyers have filed a request with Judge Lucy Koh requesting a retrial of November’s case, which Samsung says Apple only won because it totally race baited the jury to get…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Accuses Amazon of ‘False Advertising’

On the heels of hot and heavy rumors suggesting that Amazon is poised to release a smartphone to compete with the iPhone next year, Apple is blasting the juggernaut online retailer for “false advertising.” And, as you might imagine, this has something to do with this week’s successful launch of the Kindle Fire tablet. Having already filed suit against Amazon over its use of the term “App Store,” Apple took matters further Wednesday by amending  [Read More…]