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Hands on: See iOS 8 beta 4′s new features in action

With iOS 8′s expected September release getting closer and closer, anticipation for Apple’s updated mobile software is growing. Beta releases, pushed to developers every few weeks, show off the latest tweaks and new features, and today’s release of iOS 8… Read more ›

And lo did news of the yonder Age of Empires game for iOS continue to flow! Known as Age of Empires: World Domination, this is the forthcoming expansion of the award-winning (and much loved) Age of Empires series, which allows… Read more ›

See Hyper’s “iStick” Kickstart into action

We originally covered Hyper’s “iStick†back in May, since then the Kickstarter past it’s original goal of $ 100,000 in just 3 hours and is currently racing towards $ 1,000,000 with only 8 days left. With so much interest in the iStick,… Read more ›

Maybe you’ve just seen the latest X-Men film. A lot of people have, so odds are pretty good. And if it left you wanting to know more about the original Days of Future Past storyline, but tracking down the trade… Read more ›

iOS 8 hands-on: See powerful new features in action

As Apple has finally announced the long-awaited iOS 8, it’s only natural for users to be curious how it will effect their daily routines. With all new features and enhancements for your iOS device, in today’s video see what’s coming… Read more ›

If you’ve ever wanted to tap nervously on the screen, listen to repetitive dubstep, and watch colorful pills fall in front of your eyes, now there’s an app for that. Intake: Be Aggressive is a self-described “psychedelic shooter†for iPad… Read more ›

Today sees the iOS launch of Deadman’s Cross, a zombie-themed collectible card battle RPG from Square Enix, the company behind Final Fantasy and the multimillion-download hit Guardian Cross. Set sixteen years in the future, the game takes place in a… Read more ›     

See that? That’s the excellent looking retro action platform from Levels or Lives, Super Fun Games, and Crescent Moon Games. It’s called Crystal Catacombs, and was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July of 2012. To continue the process, the developers… Read more ›     

Today sees the App Store launch of retro-styled hack n’ slash iOS actioner, Only One. Borrowing its one-man-fights-off-millions-of-enemies-on-top-of-a-giant-tower premise from the Jet Li-starring cult movie The One, the game is the fighting equivalent of a never-ending platformer — only with… Read more ›     

You know what would make all of those crazy-dangerous squirrel-suit action movies even better? A big, wide, cinematic 2.39:1 aspect ratio. And that’s just what you’ll get with the new Letus AnamorphX Adapter for the GoPro Hero. Clamp this baby… Read more ›