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Developer pulls ad-blocker after topping App Store

Developer Marco Arment pulled his iOS 9 content blocker from the App Store two days after launching it. He says it “just doesn’t feel good” to be profiting from his app Peace while taking money away from advertisers and publishers. He’s even offering refunds to anyone who already bought Peace expecting updates and support down the line, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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[Giveaway] Block Annoying Ads in Safari and Certain Apps With AdBlocker!

Want to block disruptive ads in Safari in iOS 5? AdBlockPlus is a very well-known and popular add-on for the Firefox Web Browser. It blocks all kinds of annoying ads that plague your Web browsing experience. But what if I told you that there was an iOS version? Well.. you’d probably say, “well yeah, there’s been one for a long time.” Okay, you’re right. There have been numerous AdBlockPlus copycats for iOS. But one of  [Read More…]

AdBlocker, Fullscreen for Safari, Firewall IP, and ScreenDimmer Updated for iOS 5

On the heels of iOS 5 publicly releasing today, BigBoss(@BigBoss)posted on his website saying that the applications below have been updated to support iOS 5: AdBlocker Fullscreen for Safari Firewall IP ScreenDimmer The developer of these tweaks, Yllier(@_Yllier_), is mentioned by BigBoss to have updated most of his tweaks to be iOS 5 compatible. The article made note for users that are on the iPad and possibly updating to iOS 5: Originally Posted byBigBoss;: A  [Read More…]