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“The Collider” Adds Addicting Twist To Endless Runner Gameplay [Video Review]

Seeing how far you can go has been a common theme in many games in the app store. Since the release of hit apps like “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfers” players everywhere have become fans of this endless runner genre.… Read more ›     

TriBlaster Adds A Much-Needed Dimension To The Arcade Shooter [Review]

You know the drill: You’re up against an endless stream of foes moving toward you, and all you can do is move back and forth and shoot. They may be space invaders or enemy fighters or weird … animal things… Read more ›     

Codea Adds Revamped Code Editor And 64-Bit Support

Essentially the Garage Band of coding, smart iPad coding editor Codea has received a major update. Adding a new iOS 7 interface and full 64-bit support for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, Codea 2.0 also includes… Read more ›     

Angry Birds Go! Adds New Snowy Track Plus Extra Karts

Three months after its launch, kart racing game Angry Birds Go! has received its first major update. The update ushers in a change in weather by adding a snowy theme, which sees a brand new track covered in slippery ice.… Read more ›     

GarageBand Adds New Robot Drummers, Finally Brings MP3 Export Back

When Apple reinvents apps — as they have done in the past with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and most recently Garage Band — they tend to get a lot of flack from users because major features that people depended upon… Read more ›     

New Arcade Game “Microtrip” Adds Science Into Fun Gameplay [Video Review]

The science of the human body is something complicated, yet truly amazing. While the world leaves bodies prone to sickness, white blood cells can help to fight them. In the physics arcade game Microtrip players must help a blob trek… Read more ›     

IFTTT Adds Microsoft OneNote Channel

IFTTT has added a new Microsoft OneNote channel to its internet automation service, letting you send all manner of things to the newly-launched Mac app. Now, using the new recipes, you can create new OneNote pages with images, text or… Read more ›     

Jot App Adds ThinkBook-Like Nubbin To iOS Keyboard

Jot is an iOS text editor that adds a red trackball nubbin to the iPhone keyboard. No kidding – it’s just like a ThinkPad, only in software not hardware. And it also looks like a fantastic way to solve the… Read more ›     

Doxie Scanner Software For Mac Adds ‘Send to OneNote’ Compatibility

OneNote is one of the few Microsoft apps that Mac users seem to have actually been pining for. Like aging pro wrestlers, Excel, Powerpoint and Word have become bloated, slow and boorish over the years, and have been forgotten for… Read more ›     

Plex Adds Automatic Camera Roll Upload Feature

Personal media organizer Plex has just received a major iOS update. The biggest new feature offered by the update is the automatic upload of camera roll photos to your media server, provided that you have a Plex Pass subscription (available… Read more ›