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Apple adds former Boeing exec to its board of directors

Apple has announced a new board member in the form of James A. Bell, previously the chief financial officer and corporate president of The Boeing Company. “James brings a wealth of global, financial and industrial experience from his successful career at Boeing as corporate president and CFO,” Tim Cook said in a statement. “I am […]

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iPhone case adds e-ink to its backside

We want our iPhone case to look pretty and protect our investment. Beyond that, we ask nothing of it. One technology company wants its case to do a little more, though. OAXIS is launching a case that also serves as a second screen, an e-ink display that gives you time, allows you to receive important […]

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iOS 9.1 adds new emoji for tacos, burritos, unicorns and more

Apple released its first beta of iOS 9.1 to developers today, and while the software update is light on major features, it does contain some big additions for the iPhone’s emoji keyboard. Tons of new emoji were added in iOS 9.1 as part of the system’s update to Unicode 8.0 standards, which includes support for […]

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This photo-sharing app adds voices to your photos

Dave Keene had colon cancer and wouldn’t be sure until after surgery whether it would kill him. What he did know for sure was if it did, his young son would eventually forget the sound of his voice. Keene, a veteran engineer in the gaming industry, used his time before surgery to develop an iOS […]

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Siri adds ‘saving lives’ to its list of tricks

An accidental Siri “butt dial” recently saved a teen’s life by allowing him to dial 911 while trapped under a truck, with his arms pinned down. The 18-year-old teenager was fixing his truck in Tennessee when it fell on him. Unable to summon anyone to help, the teen was rapidly running out of options until […]

Apple adds an extra 20 locations to its Flyover feature

Apple has updated its Maps “Flyover” feature for the first time since June — adding an additional 20 places for users to explore from the skies, and bringing the total number of locations to more than 150. New locations include destinations in Italy, France, Mexico, Japan and others. Check out the full list below: Aarhus, Denmark Bobbio, Italy […]

Apple Pay adds 23 regional banks and credit unions to growing roster

If you’re a user of a local or regional credit union like I am, you’ll be excited to hear that Apple continues to add smaller financial institutions to its ever-growing list of places that will let you pay for things… Read more ›

Tidal adds family plans, still costs more than Apple Music

Jay Z’s music service, Tidal, is still trying to keep up with Apple Music, but instead of offering a new differentiating feature, the music streamer is playing catch up by coming out with Family plans of its own. Tidal subscribers… Read more ›

iCloud Music Library adds DRM without buying you dinner first

Well iCloud Music Library is pissing people off already. The new service almost identical to iTunes Match has a DRM problem. Turned on, iCloud Music Library is taking the music you rightfully own and place in your iTunes library and automatically adding… Read more ›

Apple Music adds 20,000 indie labels by signing Beggars Group and Merlin

Indie musicians haven’t been too keen on Apple’s music streaming service that originally planned to cut them out of a paycheck for three months. Now that Taylor Swift has won her battle against Apple Music, thousands of indie artists are… Read more ›