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Cobook Adds Auto-Updating Livecards To Your Address Book

Cobook, the non-sucky contacts app for iOS and Mac, has today added Livecards. Livecards are a way to share your contact info with other people. Instead of relying on those lazy idiots to update your details, you take care of it. The resulting changes are pushed to everyone who has your Livecard in their Cobook.

Yes, this is exactly how address books should have worked ever since the internet was invented.

The previous  [Read More…]

Gmail App For iOS Finally Adds Link Support For YouTube, Google Maps, And Chrome


Despite being a bitter rival of Apple, Google still makes some of the best iOS apps on the planet. One of my biggest gripes against Google’s apps though has been if you click a link inside Gmail, it opens up a Safari browser version of YouTube or Google Maps rather than opening the app directly.

Google has finally fixed that big annoyance by adding link support to Gmail for YouTube, Google Maps,  [Read More…]

Easyjet Adds Passbook Support For Penny-Pinching Passengers

UK low-cost airline Easyjet – referred to by some Brits as “sleazyjet” – has brought Passbook support to its mobile app. Now you can not only shop for flights with the app, you can check in and have the boarding pass sent to your iPhone’s Passbook app.

I used Passbook for the first time the other day (compatible services aren’t very numerous here in Spain, but the service I used to buy tickets  [Read More…]

IMDb Update Adds Worldwide Movie Release Dates, Crazy Credits, iPad Theme & More


The official IMDb app for iOS had been given a number of new features today, including a new light theme on the iPad, and the ability to look up worldwide movie release dates, actor heights, “crazy credits,” and more. The update also makes some visual tweaks, and offers bug fixes that should improve stability.

Did you know that Kermit the Frog is 2.5-feet tall? Of course you didn’t, but you do know,  [Read More…]

Tweetbot For iOS Update Adds Swank New Media View, Redesigned Image Viewer And More


Tweetbot — just our favorite Twitter client for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad — has just gotten a sweet update with one killer new feature: a swank new media timeline that allows you to quickly browse through just the images and videos popping up in your Twitter stream.

Available now on the App Store, version 2.8 of Tapbot’s awesome Twitter client has some pretty cool new features. Here are the release  [Read More…]

Skitch Adds Awesome PDF Editing And Annotation Tools To OSX And iOS Apps

Evernote has just updated Skitch for both the Mac and iOS. And what an update! The headline feature is PDF annotation (premium account required, 30-day trial for new users), a feature which could make the app useful to more than just bloggers marking up screenshots.

Skitch’s PDF support is tuned for giving feedback. Open a PDF (you can choose from any PDF already stored in your Evernote, or open from another app) and  [Read More…]

Apple Camera RAW Adds Support For Fujifilm X-Trans Sensor

Got one of Fujifilm’s shiny new X100S rangefinder-style cameras? Or another of the company’s digicams with the fancy X-Trans sensor inside? Then go hit up your Software Update and install the new Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update.

Supported by Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.05

Fujifilm X20 Fujifilm X100S Fujifilm X-E1 Fujifilm X-Pro1

The X-Trans sensor is notable in that it doesn’t lay out its red, green and blue pixels in the standard  [Read More…]

Cooliris Gets Even Cooler, Adds Support for Dropbox [Daily Freebie]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ja6Sy2JwEc?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Imagine dining at a sumptuous, football-field-sized smorgasbord where all your friends and acquaintances have made and brought tantalizing morsels for you. And it’s all yours to sample, as you glide past table after stacked table. On ice skates.

Now replace the food with photos, and you’ll understand the draw of Cooliris (assuming you like looking at photos; and since the toaster is probably the last remaining electric gadget not equipped with either a camera or a way to  [Read More…]

New Borderlands 2 Update Brings Back Windows Multiplayer, Adds New Weapons



Hardcore Vault Hunters may have noticed that the opportunity to venture forth with their PC-based comrades — a huge boon that arrived in an update almost two months ago — was no longer an option as of early this month, when the latest Borderlands 2 patch hit PCs, throwing the two operating systems out of sync again.

But the two platforms are now synced again, thanks to Aspyr’s lightning-fast release of  [Read More…]

HBO Go Update Adds AirPlay Multitasking, Enhances Game Of Thrones Experience


The HBO Go app for iOS has today been updated to add some great new features, including support for AirPlay multitasking. Game of Thrones fans will also be able to enjoy enhancements to the interactive experience on iPad.

With AirPlay multitasking, you can stream your favorite HBO shows to your Apple TV from your iOS device while using other apps simultaneously. You no longer have to leave the HBO Go app open all the  [Read More…]