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Comixology CEO Admits Apple Had Nothing To Do With Saga Banning


A lot of hullabaloo has been made over the last 24 hours regarding the comic Saga #12. To catch up the uninformed, basically there’s a popular comic that has two “postage stamp” size scenes of gay sex in it, so it got banned from the App Store.

Everyone immediately blamed Apple and screamed “censorship” but it turns out Apple didn’t have anything to do with Saga #12′s banishment at all. It  [Read More…]

John Browett Admits He ‘Just Didn’t Fit’ At Apple


John Browett, who spent nine months as Apple’s senior vice president of retail before being ousted alongside Scott Forstall last October, has admitted that he “just didn’t fit” in with the way Apple ran its business. Browett still feels Apple is a fantastic company and says he loved working there, but he told The Independent that he was ”rejected for fit rather than competency.”

Browett joined Apple in January 2012 after leaving British  [Read More…]

Google Admits New Maps App For iOS Is Better Than Android Version, Promises iPad App

In case you hadn’t already heard, Google finally released an official Google Maps app for iPhone on Wednesday night, and I must say, I think it’s terrific. It’s super quick, it looks fantastic, and it brings back all the mapping features you had on your iPhone before Apple gave Google Maps the boot — including Street View and transit directions. Google has also thrown its own turn-by-turn navigation into the mix  [Read More…]

Samsung Argues Leaked Documents In Apple Case Are Public Domain, Admits To No Wrongdoing

In the latest filing in the Apple vs Samsung patent case, the Korean-based electronics company argued that the documents they leaked after US District Judge Lucy Koh excluded as trial evidence were public domain, anyway, and that Samsung had done nothing wrong or unethical.

“Contrary to the representations Apple’s counsel made to this Court,” said Samsung lawyer John B. Quinn in a filing this morning, “Samsung did not issue a  [Read More…]

Google Admits Bug in Chrome Browser is Causing MacBook Airs to Crash

Google recently accepted responsibility for a kernel panic issue on Apples new MacBook Air, which was apparently being caused by a graphics resource leak in its Chrome browser. The admittance comes after a number of users who bought the newly released MacBook Airs began reporting that the machines were frequently crashing. The issue was brought to the limelight asGizmodonoted earlier in the week that it was experiencing issues with its own MacBook Airs and subsequently  [Read More…]

Samsung Admits It Was Wrong To Sue Apple In Germany

Samsung dropped its lawsuit against Apple in Germany after discovering a Qualcomm licensing agreement could shield the iPhone 4S from 3G patent-infringement charges. The South Korean smartphone maker later denied it was letting Apple completely off the hook. In a tweet from the Mannheim, Germany courthouse, patent expert Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents, writes Samsung has formally given up attacking the iPhone 4S with 3G Patents. Recognizes Apple is licensed  [Read More…]

Apple Admits That Samsung is More Likely to Take Users From Android Than Apple Is

We mentioned this past weekend that the U.S. Judge Lucy Kohdeclined to issue a preliminary injunctionbarring Samsung from selling several of its Galaxy smartphone and tablet devices in the United States. This was all a part of Apples alleging patent and design infringement case which is moving through the courts right now. It was noted recently that portions of the court order had been redacted and these portions revealed that Apple licensed one specific iOS  [Read More…]

HP CEO Admits Defeat, Says Apple Will Be Number One PC Maker In 2012

HP CEO Meg Whitman recently said that Apple is poised to be the dominant PC maker in 2012. In an interview with French publicationLe Figaro, Whitman admitted that Apple will likely take the lead in the market next year. Whitman says that HP will try to be champion again in 2013, and it seems clear that the companys new CEO is painfully aware of the mess that HP has found  [Read More…]

RIM Admits Defeat, Starts Making iOS Software

Research in Motion roundly clobbered in the smartphone and tablet market is now trying to hang onto its core enterprise customers. Its formula is to concede defeat by Apple and Android, then sell its rivals victory as a reason to stay with the Waterloo, Ont. company.   In a statement this morning, RIM announced its Mobile Fusion BlackBerry Enterprise Server software would bring together mobile device management for  [Read More…]

Aaron Sorkin Admits He’s Considering Offer to Create The Steve Jobs Biopic

On October 25th, MMi’s Phillip Swansonreportedthat Sony Pictures, which recently acquired the rights to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, has reached out to iconic Hollywood scribe Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, A Few Good Men, The West Wing, The American President, Moneyball, etc.) to bring the book to life on the silver screen. Sorkin is now speaking out for the first time about the project in a new interview with E! Online. “Sony has  [Read More…]