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Apple Stores go green in advance of Earth Day

One week before Earth Day, Apple has changed its iconic one color logo to a green-leafed one at select Apple Stores — echoing Apple’s goal under Tim Cook of leaving the world a better place. Retail staff will also be rocking special green shirts for the week — celebrating the fact that select brick-and-mortar retail stores belonging […]

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GameBoy Advance: Mad Men edition

Think your iPhone is the most beautifully designed portable gaming console? Think again. I’ve owned a lot of game consoles in my life, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the GameBoy Advanced SP. It was Nintendo’s first clamshell console design – a form factor since embraced by the Nintendo DS and 3DS consoles […]

The best Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS is back, no jailbreak required

Although it’s never been in either Apple or Nintendo’s graces, GBA4iOS has long been one of our favorite apps on iOS. An excellent Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance emulator for the iPhone and iPad, GBA4iOS was long available to install…

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You Can Now Play Game Boy Advance On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

We might be no closer to getting classic Nintendo games on iOS, but independent developer Riley Testut yesterday released the long-awaited 2.0 update to his slick Game Boy emulator, GBA4iOS. Supporting Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and original Game…

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GameBoy Advance Emulator Coming To iOS 7 Devices… No Jailbreak Required!

Remember GBA4iOS? It was a Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS that took advantage of an App Store enterprise deployment loophole to let you play GBA games on your iPhone or iPad, no jailbreak required. Unfortunately, Apple closed the loophole… until…

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Another Game Boy Advance Emulator Sneaks Into The App Store

GBA-emulator-Earthquake-7-iPhoneApple doesn’t like to allow emulators into the App Store, so try submitting one for approval and you’ll quickly get a big fat no. But some cunning iOS developers have found a way to sneak emulators through Apple’s App Store approval process by making them look like innocent apps. The latest hit the App Store […]

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Apple To Advance iPhone With Both Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text Converters [Patent]

According to Patently Apple, that Apple successfully submitted a patent application which allows users to translate Text-to-Speech and vice versa.

This patent will help in two different types of situations :

The first is when a smart phone user is in a loud location, such as a bar or restaurant where  [Read More…]