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Apple Runs an iPhone 5S Fitness Advertisement, “Strength”

Apple has started running a new iPhone 5S commercial, titled “Strength”, which focuses on using the phone as a fitness aid. A video for the advertisement is embedded below for easy viewing. The TV advertisement follows people using the iPhone to track fitness goals, participate in physical activity, and serve as a form of digital … Read More

New Advertisement ‘Music Every Day’ Posted To Apple’s YouTube Channel [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDUKt_XgfJ4?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Music is what started it all for the modern Apple with the iPod back in 2001.

Today, the consumer electronics giant released a new video, posted on YouTube, entitled ‘Music Every Day.”

In it, beautiful piano music soars over images of people listening to music while exercising, traveling, dancing, connecting, sharing, going to school, and studying. People jump rope, tap their feet, sing quietly to themselves on the commuter train, or dance in their own backyards.  [Read More…]

Samsung Hones Its Inner Apple in Latest Advertisement

Apple should include Samsung’s latest Galaxy S ll advertisement in their next patent infringement suit. The Samsung ad above starts out with a faceless philosopher expounding on the purpose of our aspirations as competitive individuals. “Nobody ever set their sights on second place.” The images flashing across the screen progress from kids racing in gym class, to running in track meets, to filming said track meet on the Galaxy S ll. Then images of Martin Luther King Jr, Rocky and  [Read More…]