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Adobe’s Biggest Advocate For Flash Is Now Making The iWatch Software [Rumor]


When Apple hired former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch — yes, the same guy who watched and lamely whined while Apple basically killed Flash by declaring it a wholly unnecessary and archaic web technology that had no place in the mobile age of computing — there was a lot of head scratching. What would Kevin Lynch be doing at Apple?

Well, here’s one theory: he’s heading a team made up largely of  [Read More…]

Playing Devils Advocate: My Month With Windows Phone [Feature]

I picked up my first iPhone around three months after the device launched way back in 2007, and Ive been an iPhone user ever since.Ive dabbled with Android devices throughout the years, and I even tried webOS on the HP Pre, but I didnt like either operating system as much as I like iOS on the iPhone. When Microsoft first introduced Windows Phone, I was instantly attracted to it. I  [Read More…]