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Apple Forced To Admit Defeat To Samsung In Newspaper Ads After Losing Appeal In U.K.

Apple will now have to publish adverts that state Samsung did not copy its design.

Apple has lost its appeal against a High Court ruling in the United Kingdom that deemed the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not infringe its copyright for the iPad. Despite the similarities between the two devices, the Court of Appeal upheld its decision that Samsung did not copy the iPad when producing the Galaxy Tab.

Apple will now  [Read More…]

After Just 18 Days, iPhone 5 Already Accounts For More Web Traffic Than Galaxy S III

That was fast.

It’s been just three weeks since the iPhone 5 started shipping, and Apple’s latest smartphones already accounts for more web traffic than the Samsung Galaxy S III, according to a new report.

It’s thought the handset’s “record-breaking sales numbers” — which have made it the fastest-selling iPhone to date — plus its “new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage” are just a couple reasons why the iPhone 5 is  [Read More…]

Foxconn Workers Strike After iPhone 5 Pressures Cause Fistfights

The iPhone 5 is the most complex phone Apple’s ever made, which makes it extra hard for Foxconn’s employees to assemble. There’s so much pressure at Foxconn to produce an increased amount of iPhone 5s that some managers have been beat up by their workers after demanding too much.

According to a new report by China Labor Watch thousands of Foxconn workers have gone on strike due to the immense pressures  [Read More…]

Mark Zuckerberg Praises Steve Jobs And Apple After Reaching 1 Billion Facebook Users

Facebook hit 1 billion users earlier today, and Mark Zuckergberg has been making the rounds with the press to celebrate the milestone. While speaking with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Zuckergberg talked briefly about Steve Jobs and Apple’s influence on Facebook as a company.

When asked about Steve Jobs, Zuckergberg mentioned how his company and Apple share a respect for user experience. “He [Steve Jobs] was just so focused,” said Zuckergberg. “For him,  [Read More…]

Apple ‘Aggressively’ Going After Google Maps Engineers To Fix Its New Maps Service [Report]

Apple is hoping Google Maps employees can help fix its new service.

Apple is said to be “aggressively” recruiting Google Maps employees in an effort to fix its highly criticized Maps service, according to an unnamed source “with connections on both teams.” The Cupertino company is reportedly using recruiters to attract individuals who have previously helped develop Google Maps, and many of them seem to be snapping up the opportunity to work at Apple.

According to  [Read More…]

This Horrible Picture Proves You Might Need An iPhone 5 Case After All

There are many who will tell you that you don’t need a case for your iPhone 5. Heck, even Apple thinks that between the new aluminum back and the strengthened Gorilla Glass 2, there’s no point in a case.

But as this picture shows — taken by a store owner with access to some iPhone 5 display units — the new aluminum back scratches just as easily as it ever did  [Read More…]

Motorola Going After The Whole Kit And Caboodle, Looking To Ban Just About Every Apple Product Under The Sun

Motorola is looking to bring down the ban hammer on almost every Apple product out there, including every Mac OSX computer. I have no idea if Motorola is just looking to throw spaghetti at the wall or what, but they have a long list of infringements that apparently the International Trade Commission has agreed to investigate.

Motorola names a total of seven patents, one of which involves Mac computers. They all  [Read More…]

Guild Wars 2 Beta For Mac Announced Today, Less Than A Month After PC Release

Holy high-fantasy MMORPG gameplay, Batman, but the strangest thing happened today. NCSoft, developer of Guild Wars, announced that the Mac beta for Guild Wars 2, still a hot Windows gaming title, has been released. They created it along with TransGaming, using the Cider Portability Engine, which may explain why it happened so fast.

Typically, Mac gamers have to wait months, even years, to have their favorite Windows-based games ported over to  [Read More…]

iPhone Trade-in Prices Have Started To Drop After iPhone 5 Announcement

If you didn’t sell your iPhone 4/4S before the announcement of the iPhone 5, you’d better do it soon before its value drops considerably. Reports have already come in that iPhone trade-in prices have started to drop on most major iPhone trade-in sites.

In the two days since Apple announced the iPhone 5, values on used iPhones have already dropped as much as 8%. Once the iPhone 5 hits shelves next  [Read More…]

Pandora Shares Down 18% After Apple Reportedly Working On Own Rival Service

Ouch. Not that it’s much of a surprise, but a little over twelve hours after The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was going to create its own Pandora rival, prices of Pandora shares have tanked by over 18%.

It seems like the market is taking this as a very real threat, and no wonder: Apple has more to gain by entering the streaming music service space than you might think.

  [Read More…]