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Maybe Apple Watch isn’t doomed after all

That Slice data? Totally misleading, says analyst Mark Hibben. Instead, he says, Apple sold over 4.5 million Apple Watches in two months of the June fiscal quarter. That’s way more than the 1 million units of the original iPhone Apple…Read more ›

Apple may not have to feed patent troll $533m after all

In a blow against patent trolls everywhere, a federal judge has thrown out a $ 532.9 million damages award against Apple, saying that the jury in the case may have had a “skewed damages horizon.” The case relates to a trial…Read more ›

Teen killed after using app to track lost smartphone

There are plenty of great stories about people using the Find my iPhone feature to track down and reclaim stolen iOS devices. However, a story which emerged this week shows the tragic flipside of that phenomenon. 18-year-old Brampton, Ontario native…Read more ›

Apple Watch users plagued by heart rate monitor failures after updating

Apple issued its first Apple Watch software update this week, adding new emojis, fixes for Siri and more. Unfortunately, hidden among the positives is one fairly big negative: Multiple users are complaining that the 1.0.1 update stops the device’s much-touted heart rate…Read more ›

Google suspends Map Maker service after peeing prank

Android lovers couldn’t have been more excited to see the Android bot peeing on an Apple logo in Google Maps last month, but Google was far from pleased with the coverage. The company has now suspended the Map Maker service that…Read more ›

12 biggest surprises after a week with Apple Watch

Far from being a superfluous device strictly for hard-core Apple fans, the Apple Watch is a surprisingly delightful and useful device. Now that we’ve spent enough time with the latest gadget from the mothership, we’re noticing quite a few sweet…Read more ›

Awesome iOS Easter egg discovered after two years, hiding in plain sight

Apple is known for placing its fair share of Easter Eggs into iOS and OS X, but this is the collest one we’ve seen in a while. You know the new Voice Memos icon Apple introduced in iOS 7 Beta…Read more ›

Serious OS X vulnerability isn’t fixed after all

A significant security flaw affecting OS X Yosemite, known as Rootpipe, hasn’t been fixed as previously thought, according to a former NSA staffer. The flaw is said to have existed since 2011, and allows for an attacker to gain full control of…Read more ›

‘Synergy, Bitches:’ Silicon Valley premieres right after Game of Thrones

For nerds of all stripe, this Sunday night will be an imploding black hole of greatness, with the Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones, and, right after that, the Season 2 debut of our favorite tech-themed dramedy, Silicon Valley.…Read more ›

Samsung booted 15% of its management team after poor mobile sales

15 percent of Samsung’s management left the company late last year following its dismal smartphone sales, according to a new report from Korea-based news outlet Yonhap News. The tech giant had 1,219 management staff on its books as of 2014’s…Read more ›