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Samsung booted 15% of its management team after poor mobile sales

15 percent of Samsung’s management left the company late last year following its dismal smartphone sales, according to a new report from Korea-based news outlet Yonhap News. The tech giant had 1,219 management staff on its books as of 2014’s…Read more ›

Apple’s special gold isn’t so special after all

All week, it’s been reported that Apple is using a “new gold” in the gold Apple Watch Edition. According to Bloomberg, Slate, Gizmodo and many others, Apple has patented a new process to create a “metal matrix composite” by mixing gold…Read more ›

Space-walking astronaut safe after water found in helmet

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen with every style of clothing. It’s just a little terrifying when it happens to an astronaut on a spacewalk. NASA astronaut Terry Virts reported a floating blob of water inside his helmet Wednesday after completing a…Read more ›

Maybe the NSA hasn’t hacked your iPhone after all?

Late last week, we reported on the newest leak from Edward Snowden, indicating that the NSA had hacked the SIM cards of pretty much every smartphone on Earth. iPhones included. It looked bad. The hack allowed the NSA to tap…Read more ›

How to find your iPhone’s last location even after the battery dies

Picture this: you’ve lost your iPhone somewhere, but it’s run out of juice and it’s not ringing or vibrating when you call it. You might think you’re out of luck, but there’s one function you can enable (or disable if…Read more ›

The iPad Pro might not be the answer to Apple’s prayers after all

It’s no secret that iPad sales are stalling. After an incredible start, iPad sales have continued to decline, year over year. Tim Cook has characterized it as just a speed bump, a statistical aberration more to do with how fast…Read more ›

The FTC goes after TracFone for “unlimited” data throttling

Although unlimited data was a promise that carriers like AT&T once used to lure potential customers to their network, it doesn’t really exist anymore. Even if you have an unlimited data contract, carriers will throttle your connection once you push…Read more ›

World’s worst iPad thieves caught after celebratory selfie syncs to iCloud

Meet the world’s worst iPad thieves: Dillian Thompson (20) and Dorian Walker-Gaines (22). From “the money team.” Houston police arrested these two geniuses after they uploaded a celebratory selfie video from Burger King to flaunt the cash they stole, along with…Read more ›

iOS 8 adoption slows to a crawl after hitting 69%

Apple is already testing iOS 9, but in the meantime iOS 8 adoption continues to grow — although it’s starting to slow down. According to Apple’s latest stats, 69 percent of active iOS devices are now using the latest version of…Read more ›

RIP Apple: Analyst predicts doom after Apple Watch

You know that scene in a horror movie where everything seems to be good, but things are just that bit too quiet? Well, according to analyst Abhey Lamba of Mizuho Securities Apple is there right now. With the company coming…Read more ›