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Eddy Cue: There was no reset period at Apple after Jobs’ death

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs didn’t want Apple to become a company in which people were constantly asking themselves “What Would Steve Do?” after his death, it was inevitable that people would compare Apple under Tim Cook to Apple…Read more ›

Beats Music extends free trial, drops subscription price after Apple deal

Beats Music is now owned by Apple, and to celebrate the service is extending its free trial and lowering the cost of its yearly subscription cost. – We’re stoked to announce that our no strings attached trial has been extended…Read more ›

Samsung Chairman awake after two-week coma

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee has regained consciousness for the first time after falling into a coma two weeks ago, according to The Korea Herald. The 72-year-old suffered a heart attack earlier this month, before undergoing a 60-hour heart surgery related…Read more ›

Controversial weed-growing iOS game pulled from App Store after hitting No. 1 spot

Controversial cannabis-growing game Weed Firm has been booted out of the App Store. Essentially Farmville for stoners, the app put you in the role of a marijuana dealer, as you try to grow your business (literally)  and stay one step…Read more ›

After Yahoo disaster, Upcoming.org resurrects itself

  Upcoming.org – the artsy-fartsy, Apple-loving community Yahoo tried to kill – has pulled itself out of the cold clutches of death with its own Kickstarter project. And it only took 90 minutes. After being acquired by Yahoo in 2005,…Read more ›

Fix for a Mac Disconnecting from Wi-Fi After Sleep Wake

A fair amount of Mac users have encountered an issue where their Mac will immediately disconnect from wi-fi networks after waking from sleep, forcing users to rejoin a wireless network constantly. This is obviously pretty frustrating, but it’s usually easily remedied with a few adjustments to the Network Preferences in OS X. If your Mac … Read More

Nike To Help Apple Develop iWatch After Ditching The FuelBand [Rumor]

Is Nike going to be teaming with Apple for the iWatch? Ever since Nike announced the surprising news that it was scrapping its rival fitness-tracking FuelBand line of wearables — including a new, slimmer device planned for this fall —…Read more ›

Hearthstone Is The Downloaded iPad App In 34 Countries One Day After Its Launch

Move over FarmVille, Candy Crush, and all those other freemium games whose developers (presumably) sleep on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies in it — we may have a new contender for app overlord of 2014.…Read more ›

You Might Not Need A New Ferrari To Use CarPlay After All

Most Apple fans would undoubtedly love to have CarPlay in their vehicles. But unless you shell out for a brand new whip from the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes, you’re out of luck. Well, at least for now. A new…Read more ›

Lightning Cable Is Red, Flat, And Named After A Shark

I like this Hammerhead Lightning cable for two reasons: it’s red, and the cable is flat. Actually, make that three reasons – it’s called the Hammerhead, like the frikkin shark. Feature-wise, there’s nothing to it. At $ 18.99, it’s a penny…Read more ›