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CarPlay Will Roll Out On Pioneer’s After-Market Systems This Summer

When Apple finally revealed it’s iOS car integration system CarPlay earlier this year the only hope of getting iOS on your dash in 2014 was to buy a new Ferrari or Benz, but thanks Pioneer’s announcement that it’s adding CarPlay…Read more ›

Don’t Expect Aftermarket CarPlay Systems In 2014, But Maybe Apple Will Sell You One In 2015?

CarPlay could be the best thing to happen to your automobile’s dashboard since GPS, but unless you’re buying a Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz or Volvo sometime soon, it’s been unclear when you could actually expect your vehicle to support Apple’s new automotive…Read more ›    [Read More…]

BikeCharge Aftermarket Hub Lets You Charge Your iPhone With Pedal Power


Simple, and easy to install. Photo London Cyclist


There are a few ways to keep your phone juiced as you ride. Those with foresight will have specced a wheel with a dynamo hub and USB adapter. Those who live in sunnier climes might opt for a solar panel. ANd those who lack both good weather and good planning skills can grab the Tigra BikeCharge, an iPhone charger that will fit any bike.

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