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Going into Mobile World Congress this year, the one device everyone was waiting to see was Samsung’s new Galaxy S5. We knew it was coming — the South Korean company made that pretty clear with all of its teasers beforehand… Read more ›     

App developers everywhere are posting their own clones of the hit app “Flappy Bird” to the App Store. While few have been able to publish their apps with many significant differences, the app developers behind the new app Flappy Fall… Read more ›     

When you buy a 16GB iPhone 5c, you get 12.60GB of storage space left over after taking into account iOS 7′s default install size. Comparatively, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the worst bang for the buck, storage-wise, in smartphones: a… Read more ›     

Apple’s already “big-ass” North Carolina data center is about to get even bigger. Based on an erosion permit filed with Catawba County on Wednesday, Apple is looking to build an additional structure onto the side of its existing already enormous… Read more ›     

Phil Schiller and possibly Scott Forstall are expected to make witness appearances for the next round of the Apple v. Samsung trial, when the two companies return to court in California in late March. As Apple’s senior vice president of… Read more ›     

This post is brought to you by Trickster. The Mac’s Finder is great at locating files if you know the file’s name and likeliest folder. But often you don’t, and end up searching through your entire computer to find that… Read more ›     

Youtopia is a new YouTube app for the iPhone, from serial entrepreneur and friend of Cult of Mac Dotan Saguy. It lets you browse for more videos even as the current video is playing on your tiny iPhone screen. The… Read more ›     

mSecure: Never Forget Your Passwords Again [Deals]

A good, strong password may be the only thing standing between your identity and some cyber criminal lurking in the shadows of the web. With mSecure you can be sure your information is 100% safe from hackers and identity thieves.… Read more ›     

iTunes Connect Is Open Again Following The Holidays

Apple has reopened its iTunes Connect developer portal following the Christmas period closure — during which it gave respite to the gatekeepers whose job it is to manually approve new apps and updates. Developers can now get back to changing… Read more ›     

No matter how you feel about Apple and the iPhone, it’s impossible to deny that the device completely revolutionized the mobile industry when it was launched in 2007. Without it, the smartphones of today may have been completely different. Take… Read more ›