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RIM Delays BlackBerry 10 Again: ‘Not In The Same League’ As iOS Or Android

Photo by Ninja M. – http://flic.kr/p/6TrRGS

If BlackBerry maker Research in Motion were going to dinner, it would arrive five hours late, finding Apple and Google had already eaten, told the best jokes and gone home with all the good-looking women. That’s the image analysts are offering in the wake of RIM announcing yet another delay entering the smartphone market. Earlier this week, Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM said devices using the  [Read More…]

Camera+ Lets You Take Pictures With The iPhone’s Volume Button Again

We all remember the infamous Camera+ fiasco. The popular photography app was updated with the ability to let users take pictures with the iPhone’s physical volume button, but Apple hadn’t approved that kind of hardware integration in the App Store at that time. Mimicking the iPhone’s virtual shutter button, Camera+ let users type a URL scheme into Mobile Safari that enabled the hidden feature. Apple didn’t like Camera+  [Read More…]

Amazon Increases Kindle Fire Orders Again — This Time to 5M

Photo by witchnymph – http://flic.kr/p/8ZWKHq

Amazon is reportedly increasing its orders for its Kindle Fire tablet to 5 million units following continued “strong” early demand for the 7-inch device. But could greater demand for the iPad rival actually backfire on the e-bookseller?   Citing anonymous “upstream component suppliers,” industry publication DigiTimes reports Amazon increased orders for the Fire “before the end of 2011.” The news of continued strong pre-orders seems to  [Read More…]

Apple Stores’ New “EasyTheft” System Will Revolutionize Shopping All Over Again

Apple revolutionized retail shopping when it opened up its first brick and mortar store back in 2001, and it’s about to do it all over again — using an iOS app. The Cupertino company will reportedly issue a major update to its Apple Store app for iOS devices this Thursday that will change the way you buy Apple products forever.   According to a Boy Genius Report that cites a “trusted source,”  [Read More…]

Apple Unibody Plants to be Up and Running Again – Early as Next Week

Apple’s unibody plants were previously shut down due to pollution concerns. The Apple unibody is an iconic part of any modern Mac. It’s the main chassis of the computer made out of lathe-cut, mill-perfected solid aluminum and is completely perfect. The MacBooks have a single access point on the bottom with some fastening phillips screws that allow for access to the entire computer enclosure. The iMacs have a large body with one access point at  [Read More…]

Sprint CEO Hints Again At Getting The iPhone 5

With their typical casual carelessness, Sprint has yet again hinted they are getting the iPhone next quarter. At an investor’s conference today, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said that in order to reach their financial targets for the fiscal year, Sprint would need to get a “very strong fourth quarter.” That doesn’t sound like a confirmation of anything, but Hesse did not issue that statement with an air of worry. Rather,  [Read More…]

Outfoxed by Apple, PC Makers Again Try to Get Intel to Cut “Ultrabook” Chip Price

PC makers hoping to compete with Apple’s lightweight MacBook Air laptop want chipmaking giant Intel to cut prices in order to produce “Ultrabook” alternatives costing under $ 1,000. So far, the company has balked at any discounts, yet still seeks to capture 40 percent of the notebook market. Acer Taiwan and Compal Electronics both asked Intel for helping in achieving the sub-$ 1,000 price goal for the “Ultrabook” devices. So far,  [Read More…]

The Mac App Store Now Warns You Before You Buy An App All Over Again

When the Mac App Store first came out, any app that you already had downloaded onto your machine outside of the App Store was reported as “Installed.” Apple’s made a new change to the way the MAS handled things. Now, instead of previous apps being unavailable to purchase because they are already installed, you get a warning that asks you if you want to buy the software all over again.  [Read More…]

Apple Vs. Samsung Again. This Time It’s The Galaxy Tab 7.7

A New Round in the fight between Apple and Samsung has begun by Samsung Court ordered to Pull it’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the IFA trade show in Berlin. Check the rest after the jump. galaxy tab 7.7 Samsung said Monday it is complying with a Düsseldorf court’s decision to suspend sales of  [Read More…]

Apple Files Doctored Evidence Against Samsung Again, This Time About Galaxy S

Jeez, Apple, this is starting to really look bad. Just a few days after it was revealed that Apple filed misleading evidence claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10,1 shared the iPad’s physical dimensions in a German court comes word that they’ve done it again in the Netherlands, this time with Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone.   As part of their global intellectual property battle with Samsung in the mobile and  [Read More…]