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Nokia to Lose Ground to Apple Again – This Time in China

Hong Kong iPad Buyers Photo credit: [email protected]

First, Apple kicked Nokia out of New York, then European operations were curtailed, now comes word Apple will likely attack the cell phone pioneer in China, the hottest market for smartphone makers. A “drastic realignment” in that Asian giant’s mobile marketplace is expected later this year. Although Nokia is now the No. 1 player in China, selling between 20 percent to 30 percent of  [Read More…]

Rumor: Apple Wants To Buy Barnes & Noble. Uh, Come Again?

Just a few days after rumors started springing up that Apple intended on buying streaming video service (and Netflix competitor) Hulu comes an even odder rumors, courtesy of BGR: Apple is in talks to buy Barnes & Noble out from under them. What?   According to BGR’s “unproven source,” the idea here is that Apple could pay $ 1.5 billion out of its vast cash hoards and secure all of Barnes & Noble’s  [Read More…]

Aviiq Portable Charging Station Means You’ll Never Forget Your Cables Behind Again

If you hit the road a lot, the problem is always chargers. Remembering chargers. Keeping them organized. Preventing them from tying themselves up in knots at the bottom of your gadget bag. Aviiq’s got a gorgeous little solution to all of these little road warrior problems. Called the Portable Charging Station, it’s an accessory that is a lot more useful than it might first suggest: it’s a tidy, foldable bag  [Read More…]

Handy New Jailbreak Tweak Means You’ll Never Have to Enter Your iTunes Password Again

How many times a day do you enter your iTunes password to download new apps or updates on your iOS device? If you’re anything like me, your answer will be “too many times!” Fortunately, an upcoming jailbreak tweak from Filippo Biga will ensure you never need to enter it again.   The tweak has one simple function: to remember your iTunes password for you so that you need never re-enter it again when downloading apps on your iOS device. It’s  [Read More…]

Sleek and Powerful, the New 11-Inch MacBook Air Will Blow You Away, Again [Review]

Apple’s new 11-inch MacBook Air is simply incredible. Of course you probably already knew this puppy was light, and gorgeous, but the power that this tiny machine packs is truly breathtaking. Optimized for speed and portability, the new MacBook Air improves on its predecessor to prove that it’s the best notebook computer Apple’s ever made. POWER When first laying eyes on the MacBook Air, undoubtedly you’ll assume that such a small  [Read More…]

Patent Trolls Strike Again, Developers Pull Apps From App Store Fearing Lawsuits

Kootol, an India based company, has started sending out legal notices to a number of developers including IconFactory, the makers of Twitteriffic. The legal notices sent out claim the companies are infringeing on a US patent for Twitter style realtime feeds. It seems the entire iOS Twittaverse should be receiving legal notices soon. I’m surprised no patent trolls have tried to send legal notices to companies over patents for “displaying numbers and letters in such  [Read More…]

JP Morgan Predicts iPhone Sales During June Quarter to Outpace Predictions Again

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz is predicting Apple will once again have a record setting quarter in June with 19.6 million iPhones sold, up nearly 2 million units from his initial estimate earlier this quarter. If Apple does in fact have another record setting quarter of iPhone sales it’ll keep their string of record setting quarters alive. However, Moskowitz’s analytical peers aren’t nearly as bullish. Gene Munster of Piper and Jaffray is expecting Apple to  [Read More…]

Earnings Preview: Will Apple Beat The Street Again?

One week from today, Apple (AAPL) will report fiscal Q3 earnings – an event that will be closely watched by the investment, business, and tech communities at large. And while no one will be shocked if Apple beats the street (tops earnings expectations, that is), this time around, there’s a considerably larger degree of pessimism than usual surrounding Apple earnings. Just this morning, in fact, JMP Securities analyst Alex Gauna speculated that Apple‘s earnings report  [Read More…]

Apple Once Again Offers Dramatic iAd Fee Reduction

In the short period of time since Apple introduced it’s iAd mobile advertising platform, the company has slashed the initial buy-in rate by 70%. According to sources well informed of the latest happenings within the mobile marketing industry, Apple is facing substantial competition from rivals in the mobile ad space and can no longer compete with the original $1 million buy-in rate. As it presently stands, $300,000 is the new buy-in rate for iAd clients  [Read More…]

Apple Sued Over iPhone Location Tracking Data, Again

Apple is the target of another lawsuit over the company’s collection of location data, writes The Loop. Filed in the United States District Court for the District Of Puerto Rico the suit claims Apple, The Weather Channel and Pandora Media are intentionally intercepting personally identifying information. This particular lawsuit revolves around the belief that Apple is capturing and transmitting UDIDs (Unique Device ID) as well as location data and then transmitting it to third parties. Unsurprisingly the  [Read More…]