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Did you agree to give away your children for free Wi-Fi?

Would you give away your eldest child in exchange for free Wi-Fi? Six families in London agreed to do so when they accepted the terms and conditions of a free Wi-Fi hotspot set up by researchers without actually reading them properly. The… Read more ›

Apple And Motorola Agree To Drop 14 Patents From Trial

motorolavsappleApple and Motorola are set to do battle in a Miami courtroom in August 2014, but before the fight can begin, the two companies have decided to drop 14 patents from litigation. At the behest of Federal Judge Robert N. Scola, the two companies are starting narrow down the list of patents they want to […]

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When You Use iTunes, You Agree Not To Design & Develop Nuclear Weapons

iTunes-nukeOften times when you install a new piece of software on your Mac, you’re presented with a lengthy end user license agreement that you must agree to before you can use the application. You’re supposed to read it, but none of us ever do because they’re incredibly boring and long-winded. But the iTunes end user […]

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Text To 911 Coming By 2014, As Top Four Mobile Carriers Agree To Work Together On The Issue

Coming sooner than you might think.

The Big Four US mobile carriers–AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile–have just sent out a press release committing to push the issue of text to 911 capabilities, hopefully sooner than, but at least by, 2014.

These major players, plus The 911 Association and the Association for Public-Safety Communications Officials International, have decided to work together on standards and procedures to make this happen with a seamless transition  [Read More…]

Faux Apple Stores Agree to Hand Over Goods To Apple

Looks like it’s over for Apple Story in Queens…

Two unauthorized Apple stores in Flushing, Queens have agreed to give all of their Apple-related merchandise back to the mothership. Both stores say they are willing to hand over everything they have in stock with the word �Apple� or any of the Cupertino company�s trademarks � but still maintain they have not violated any Apple trademarks. If U.S. District Court Judge Kiyo  [Read More…]