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I recently scored an awesome second-hand sofa for my office, which means that I can sit back behind my 27-inch iMac and watch TV and movies on the big screen. But I’m used to watching everything on my iPad, I’ve… Read more ›     

Wren’s V5AP is still one of my favorite AirPlay speakers, but recently I’ve been kinda off the whole AirPlay thing thanks to an the crazy East German walls of my apartment building. These walls are too crumbly to let me… Read more ›     

Netflix-iPhoneThe Netflix app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has been updated to bring high-definition video streaming to devices running iOS 7. The release also adds support for AirPlay, and some improvements and optimizations that make the app more stable under Apple’s latest software. Netflix first brought HD streaming to mobile on the Google Nexus […]

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uploadToday Apple released a major update to the Apple TV that was originally predicted to arrive alongside iOS 7 on Wednesday. Version 6.0 of the set-top box’s software includes some big additions, including iTunes Radio, shared Photo Streams support, and AirPlay from iCloud, which is essentially Apple’s answer to the Chromecast from Google. iTunes Radio […]

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a113150681d473ad6cf41144c5823f97_largeWith the exception of latency, AirPlay beats out Bluetooth audio streaming any day. Fewer dropouts, way better (lossless) quality and less power drain on your iDevice, as it works over the Wi-Fi connection you already have on anyway. Usually, though, AirPlay speakers are expensive. The Auris Skye is designed to fix that, turning any dock […]

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amazoninstantvideoAmazon has added AirPlay support to its popular video streaming app – Amazon Instant Video. Starting today, the new feature allows iOS users to push video from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the Apple TV. Not quite as good as having an Amazon Instant Video channel on the Apple TV, but the move […]

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spotifyconnectSpotify announced today that it is launching a new way to streaming music to connected speakers around the house with its new “Spotify Connect” feature that is coming to a line-up of Spotify-supported speakers. The new AirPlay-like feature allows you to walk into your house and seamlessly switch from listening  to your playlist on your […]

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2013-07-31 20.28.01The Wren V5AP is just about the best-looking speaker I’ve tested, with a tastefully contemporary case finished with bamboo and silvered cloth. Wren V5AP by Wren Category: Speakers Works With: AirPlay devices, anything with a jack Price: $400 It’s also one of the best sounding, and although it might not be as convenient as some […]

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VEVO Updates iOS App With Full AirPlay Support

vevo-iPhone.pngYou can’t get music videos on MTV anymore but that doesn’t mean that 60-inch TV strapped to your wall can’t get jiggy with Beyonce and Katy Perry’s newest music vids. Vevo announced today that it has added full AirPlay support to its iOS app, allowing users to stream audio and video to an Apple TV. It’s [...]

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settings_descriptionsXMBC is a cross-platform, open source media player that specializes in tons of options and ways of accessing content via local storage and the internet. The latest pre-release version of the Android client has support for Zeroconf, which in turn means the ability to use Apple’s AirPlay protocol on compatible devices. Your Android device becomes an [...]

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