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How to Look Inside Airports with Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad to Plan Ahead When Traveling

Airports can be hectic, and just about every traveler knows the stress of visiting an airport they have never been to before and trying to quickly navigate the maze of terminals to find their gate so that they can board a plane on time. A great trick that can ease the stress of travel and … Read More

iPhone case leads to panic at one of Europe’s busiest airports

An iPhone brought one of Europe’s busiest airports to a panicked stand yesterday — resulting in considerable delays as one terminal gate was closed for “security reasons.” Why? A passenger supposed to be travelling from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport thought it was a bright idea to do so with his iPhone in a custom case made to look like a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Southwest Airlines app adds mobile boarding pass support in 28 airports

Given the extra security you find at airports these days, we’re grateful for anything that makes the experience of checking in and boarding your flight that bit quicker and easier. With that in mind, Southwest Airlines has just posted an…Read more ›