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Singing Animoji Alien & Dog in New iPhone X Commercials from Apple [Videos]

Apple is airing new iPhone commercials to show off the Animoji feature of iPhone X. Animoji are animated emoji icons that are unique to iPhone X, and they use the devices front facing camera to mimic the facial expressions and mouth movements of the person creating an Animoji on their iPhone. In the two new … Read More

Video showing ‘iPhone 7 prototype’ is as believable as an alien autopsy

A somewhat sketchy video showing a supposed iPhone 7 prototype has surfaced online, sparking speculation that Apple will ditch the bezel and physical Home button for next year’s iPhone handset. The prototype also depicts a centered main camera with no visible LED flash. Rumors of the lack of Home button and bezel-free display for a next-gen […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Why you’re seeing weird alien emojis everywhere

Apple released big updates to iOS and OS X today, and among the changes is a whole lot of new emojis. There are over 300 emojis added by Apple as part of an update to the Unicode standard, and most…Read more ›

District 9′s Neil Blomkamp will direct the next Alien movie!

Despite attracting the absolutely best talent, the Aliens franchise has been on a bit of a rough patch for the last, oh, 30 years ago. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus prequel? It sucked. Alien: Resurrection, a joint written by Joss Whedon and…Read more ›

Alien Blue is now Reddit’s official iOS app

Alien Blue, the most popular third-party Reddit client for iOS, has been acquired by Reddit itself. To celebrate, the ‘Pro’ upgrade in-app purchase is available for free instead of $ 2. The iPad app is also free to download. Developer Jason…Read more ›

All your base does not belong to upcoming tower defense game Alien Creeps HD

Listen up, soldier! The aliens are headed our way and it’s up to you to keep them out of our base. You’ll have access to a variety of offensive towers that you can upgrade along the way, as well as…Read more ›

Get your first glimpse at new Star Wars alien in charity PSA

In this quick video (below) announcing the new Star Wars: Force for Change program, JJ Abrams provides the first look at a Star Wars alien who walks from behind left and off stage right while the famous director talks about…Read more ›

Reddit App Alien Blue Gets Updated With Moderator Tools, UI Improvements And More


I could get lost in Reddit for days. It’s beautiful. It’s horrible. If it weren’t for Alien Blue my Reddit binging would be confined to my desktop, but alas, they make a hell of an app that feeds my addiction on the iPhone too.

To make things even better (or worse), Alien Blue just received a major update this week that makes browsing Reddit from your iPhone more alluring than ever.  [Read More…]

This Monstrous, Sex-Crazed Alien Wants To Take A Crack At Siri [MWC 2012]

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 In Russia, if you want to come up with a mascot for your company or a character for your app, theres no focus groups or testing: it all comes from the top down. Thats why when Russian app development and publishing company iFree wanted to release a new virtual assistant for Android and iOS to take on  [Read More…]

AppGears Elite Command AR Fills Your Home With Invading Alien Hordes! [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 Remember the days before you had an iPhone and played games outside? Using sticks for swords and your hand as a gun? I bet you spent hours outdoors pretending you were some movie superhero trying to rescue Julia Roberts from a a plague of mutant zombie pandas. Then you got into video game consoles and iPhone games and your imagination just went in the toilet.  [Read More…]