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Next-Generation MacBook Air Will Allow You To Use Three Displays At Once [Rumor]

Your next MacBook Air should support a total of three displays at once via one Thunderbolt connection, according to a leaked roadmap of Intel’s plans for its Ivy Bridge processors in 2012. With Apple’s next-generation laptops primed to sport Intel’s Ivy Bridge silicon, it’s very likely that future MacBook Airs and Pros will be able to support two external displays plus the MacBook’s built-in screen. According to  [Read More…]

Apple’s iOS Javascript Browser Tweak Hacked To Allow Any App To Run Malicious Code

When it comes to Mac hacking, there are few security experts more dangerous than Charlie Miller, who can hack a Mac in mere seconds. Luckily, Miller only uses his hacking powers for the forces of good, so his hacks often lead to more secure systems for you and me. Let’s hope that’s the case for the latest vulnerability Miller identified for the iOS platform. He has discovered a huge bug in iOS that allows malicious devs to write innocuous looking  [Read More…]

Apple Is Exploring New Gestures That Will Allow You to Control Your iPad From Across the Room

If you use your iPhone or iPad in a speaker dock, you’ll understand that the ability to control it from across the room would be just awesome. Apple may already be working on a solution, according to one of the company’s patent applications, which suggests future Macs and iOS devices could be controlled from afar using special gestures. The patent application was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  [Read More…]

Apple Pilot Program Will Allow You to Collect Online Orders From Your Local Retail Store

Apple is set to launch a new pilot program that will allow customers to make orders through its online store and then collect their purchases from their local Apple store, according to a new report. The program has reportedly been given the name “Sherwood” and will cover any product available online, including custom-build computers, third-party accessories, and products which have been gift-wrapped an engraved. What’s great about this program is  [Read More…]

Mr.Coffee : new App from App Store allow your iPhone to make some coffee and more [Video]

Mr. Coffee is a new app from App Store, that will allow your iPhone to make some coffee, and more like : Espresso, American coffee, cappuccino and tea with a 3D graphics and a liquid handling never seen before. iPhone Screenshot 3   In addition, through the section that contains COFFEE TIPS (professional video), you will learn to make great coffee just like the professionists You can choose the following CUP: – 7 cups for espresso coffee  [Read More…]