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Apple Stores Are Finally Allowing Walk-In Purchases Of Retina iPad Mini

Apple is still facing supply constraints on the 3G/4G units of the iPad mini with Retina display, but it looks like customers can finally walk into an Apple Store and purchase a Retina iPad mini without ordering online first. The…

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Half The Companies Allowing Personal iOS And Android Devices Have Suffered A Security Breach

BYOD programs present security challenges some companies choose to ignore.

The most striking point in a recent report�commissioned�by Trend Micro was that IT administrators are beginning to rank Apple’s iOS ahead of RIM’s BlackBerry and other mobile platforms, but there were some other significant details in that report.

The report focuses on mobile security and issues related to bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Such programs encourage employees to use their personal  [Read More…]

Apples The Only Tech Company Allowing Independent Audits Of Factory Conditions


No technology company in the world has been more scrutinized than Apple when it comes to labor conditions. Over the past couple months everyone has been quick to point out how crappy the conditions are at Apple�s supplier factories � Foxconn. But what a lot of the tech press hasn�t done, is investigate the conditions at the other major tech companies in the world. Not only is Apple the only  [Read More…]

Microsoft Opens Messenger to XMPP Allowing Apple to Incorporate It

In a recent �Inside Windows Live� blog post, Microsoft has announced �public availability of access to the Messenger network via XMPP,� a step that finally brings Microsoft into the fold using eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. For those of you who didn�t know, unlike email which has used internet standards to exchange messages between servers, instant message providers each created their own proprietary protocol for sending IMs, making it difficult or impossible for users on AIM,  [Read More…]

New York Times App Experiencing a ‘Glitch’ Allowing Free Access to Paid Articles

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We received a tip from a reader this morning about a supposed glitch involving the very popular New York Times Times iOS app. According to the source, the app allows articles to be read without a subscription. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what we can tell you based on the tip:


Currently, users of versions which precede the new subscription model are unable to  [Read More…]