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There are few surprises among the top iOS apps of all-time

There are more than 1.6 million iOS apps, but if you had to guess the top downloaded games and apps of all time worldwide, chances are good you would get a near perfect score just by looking at your iPhone. Four of the top 10 are apps from to Facebook, while Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja […][Read More…]

iPhone market share hits all-time high in China

The iPhone 6 has helped Apple shatter sales records worldwide, and nowhere is it bigger than in China. According to a new report from Kantar, Apple’s smartphone market share in China is at an all-time high of 27.6 percent. China…Read more ›

iPhone sales hit new all-time high in China

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales hit a new all-time high in urban China in February, capturing a massive 27.6 percent of the smartphone market. For those keeping track at home, that’s an impressive increase of more than 2 percent…Read more ›

Apple shares hit new all-time high for third day in a row

Buoyed by expectation-defying earnings, Apple Pay, and an apparently insatiable demand for the iPhone 6, AAPL stock closed Wednesday at a new all-time split-adjusted high of $ 107.3. Apple was trading at $ 92 at the time of the 7-to-1 split, which means…Read more ›

AAPL closes at all-time high of $100.53 per share

AAPL shares have finally completed the long climb back to 2012 levels today, closing at an all-time high of $ 100.53 per share. The stock’s 1.4 percent rise today was aided by bullish reports from both RBC and Morgan Stanley claiming…Read more ›

Apple Highlights Top 25 All-Time Free & Paid Apps On iOS


With the countdown to 50 billion App Store downloads now underway, Apple has begun highlighting the “top 25 all-time” free and paid apps on iOS. The Cupertino company did a similar thing in the run up to 25 billion downloads last year, and for 10 billion downloads in January 2011.

Some of the apps included in the list are no surprise, with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Skype topping  [Read More…]

Apple Stock Soars To All-Time High Today At $427.75 Per Share

Good news for Apple shareholders: stock reached an all-time high during mid-day trading today, peaking at $ 427.75 per share. The last record was set in October of 2011 at $ 426.70 per share. Despite some slightly tumultuous times on Wall Street after Apple failed to meet analyst expectations with its fourth-quarter earnings report, Apple stock has continued to climb to new heights year after year. The  [Read More…]

Apple Predicts Sales Will Be At An All-Time High This Holiday Quarter

Along with the quarterly earnings, Apple said it looks to hit $37 billion in revenue for the upcoming holiday quarter. The number is $10 billion increase year over year, expecting to set an all time high with sales of the iPhone 4S. Peter Oppenheimer, during a conference call, said that he expects the company to earn roughly $37 billion in the holiday quarter with diluted earnings per share of about $9.30. This leaves the projection  [Read More…]

AAPL Stock Is Now At An All-Time High

Tomorrow’s earnings call should be an upbeat affair, if AAPL’s latest results are anything to go by: Apple’s stock just reached an all time high of $ 373 a share, up about 2.5%, and the company now has a market cap of just short of $ 350Bn. Wow. [via 9to5]