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Although he ultimately ran the show at Apple until the middle of 2011, Steve Jobs began thinking about succession plans as early as 2004, when he was just 49 years old, according to a new Fast Company excerpt of the… Read more ›

It seemed like it took accessory makers forever to make battery pack cases for the iPhone, but companies are wasting no time with Apple Watch accessories, and the first portable battery for Apple’s wearable is already here. Nomad introduced it’s… Read more ›

You can keep your new ultra-thin MacBook and your high-priced Apple Watch if you want; for me, the most exciting announcement at Monday’s “Spring Forward” Apple keynote was the announcement of ResearchKit: a new open-source iOS framework that essentially turns… Read more ›

China is already churning out Apple Watch clones

Ahead of the Apple Watch going on sale April 24, the Chinese market is being flooded with fake versions of Apple’s wearable device — many of them bearing an uncanny likeness to Apple’s smartwatch, at a fraction of the cost.… Read more ›

Apple Pay fraud already ‘rampant’, expert claims

Apple Pay may be taking over the world of mobile payments, but as with any new technology there are scammers out there looking to misuse the service. In the U.S., criminals are reportedly using Apple Pay to buy expensive goods,… Read more ›

It was only a matter of time before Samsung did something to try and thwart Apple’s unconfirmed automotive aspirations. The Korean iPhone competitor has bought the battery pack division of a leading automative supplier only a couple of weeks after… Read more ›

Everyone might be tripping over themselves to talk about the possible Apple Car, but there’s a much-more imminent Apple device rumored to be on the way: the 12-inch+ “iPad Pro” tablet. Over the weekend, French Apple-watching website Nowhereelse.fr shared a handful… Read more ›

I can’t wait to get my hands on an Apple Watch, but there are a few people out there who are less than excited by the prospect of a miniature computer you can wear on your wrist. Case in point:… Read more ›

While most of us focus on the consumer, education or enterprise applications of Apple’s devices, there’s another huge market where Cupertino’s products are making waves: the medical profession. According to a new report from Reuters, 14 out of the United… Read more ›

Due to its failed relationship with GT Advanced, Apple missed out on releasing the iPhone 6 with the rock hard, all sapphire display that was initially rumored. But what about the iPhone 6s? It’s still unknown, but an Apple supplier,… Read more ›