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The original Eliss wowed everyone back in 2009 with its multitouch controls, cool music, and increasingly frantic gameplay. Now, we have Eliss Infinity, which includes the original game and a few more modes to keep even veteran players interested. Eliss… Read more ›     

Apple Is Already Way Ahead In Mobile Payments

Pundits (including me) have been predicting Apple’s entry into the mobile payment space — using a smartphone instead of a credit card to buy stuff in the real world — for years. It hasn’t been a hard prediction to make.… Read more ›     

Update: A SteelSeries representative sent us the following in an email asking why the price had been reduced so soon after the initial release. “The response of this product coming out of CES was incredibly positive, [but] the largest concern… Read more ›     

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Is Already A Dud

The Samsung Galaxy Gear, an Android-powered smartwatch that Samsung has been calling “the next big thing” in commercials, is officially a dud. Why? After BusinessKorea reported that Samsung has sold less than 50,000 units to date, Samsung quickly tried to spin the… Read more ›     

It has only been out for two days, but OS X Mavericks already accounts for 5.5% of OS X’s total web traffic in North America, according to tracking firm Chitika. For comparison, Mountain Lion adoption was only at 1.6% two…

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iOS 7 had been available to the public for just 27 days as of Monday, October 14 — and it had already been installed on 71% of all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. That’s according to the latest report from Mixpanel which suggests iOS 7 could be the fastest-spreading iOS update to date. In comparison, […]

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Cat on a DietYou know what people love? Cats. Just look at the Internet: It has cats everywhere. You know what else people love? Breaking stuff. Just look at Angry Birds. Cat on a Diet by Nawia Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $0.99 And a third thing people love? Taking two things and jamming […]

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iOS 7 Adoption RateiOS 7 has been out for less than one day, and already has an adoption rate of over 13 percent, according to analytics firm, Mixpanel. Compare that with Google’s latest version of Jellybean for Android devices, which hovers around an 8.5 percent adoption rate after a month. As you can see in Mixpanel’s live data […]

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BTfWwM8IYAAaOoF.jpg-largeIf you were planning on being one of the first in line to buy the upcoming iPhone 5S or 5C, you’ve been beat. Two guys from Apple reseller Sell Your Mac showed up at the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City this morning only to find that two other guys were already […]

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plants-vs-zombies-2Plants vs. Zombies 2 hasn’t even been available to download from the U.S. App Store for a full week yet, and it has already seen over 16 million downloads, making it the “biggest mobile game launch” in EA’s history. It’s no wonder the company is already planning a new “Far Future” update that will bring new […]

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