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Get Ready For Discount Blackberry PlayBooks, Because Canadian Stores Are Already Slashing Prices

If there’s one thing that seems to go hand-in-hand with struggling tablets, it’s generous price cuts. As Apple’s iPad continues to gain overwhelming popularity, tablets that attempt to fight the beast are falling short, and manufactures are being forced to drop their prices to shift their stock. The most notable reductions to date were seen from the recent fire sale from HP, which saw the company slash the price of its TouchPad to  [Read More…]

Still Waiting for Speech-to-Text in iOS 5? Your Carrier Already Has It

A number of major carriers all over the globe have begun receiving a near-final build of Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 software for testing, according to one report. The software is said to be a newer than the beta recently seeded to developers, and includes a number of features that we’re still yet to see in previous betas, including that much-rumored speech-to-text technology.   According to a source for 9to5 Mac, who is currently testing  [Read More…]

Apple Has Already Updated Its Executive Profiles Page

Apple’s website already has a new executive profiles page emphasizing Tim Cook as CEO . I guess it should come as no surprise. Steve Jobs has always been disciplined and unsentimental. Below, Jobs is listed as Chairman of the board. Let’s hope it stays that way for some time.

Apple Already Approving iOS 5 Apps

iOS5 isn’t slated to be released until this fall (presumably alongside the new iPhone), but that hasn’t stopped Apple from approving iOS 5 compatible applications for the App Store. A number of applications like Mashable and Camera+ have pushed out updates via the App Store touting ‘iOS 5 Compatibility.” Camera+ skirts around naming iOS 5, describing the update as providing “compatibility with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named.” It should be noted that  [Read More…]

Apple’s Already Got The Deals In Place To Launch Their Own Netflix Competitor [Report]

Following this morning’s story that reveals Apple’s plans to launch a movie streaming service called iTunes Replay, one analyst believes that Apple has something more spectacular up its sleeve — a service that will take on Netflix. Jeffries analyst Peter Masek issued a report today in which he says Apple has already made “unannounced deals” with almost all of the television and film companies that will allow the company to launch  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Fakes Are Already Available in China Thanks to Speedy Counterfeiters

This morning’s report that claims the iPhone 5 will now launch a month later than its expected September release will be a huge blow to some, but as long as you’re not too concerned about having your device made by Apple, you can get an iPhone 5 today in China. Despite having no idea what Apple’s official iPhone 5 might look like yet, counterfeiters are already spawning fake devices based on  [Read More…]

The Facebook App for iPad Is Already Here, But Hidden Inside the iPhone App — Here’s How to Get It [Updated]

Many of us are patiently awaiting the official Facebook app for the iPad to hit the App Store, having tried a number of third-party alternatives that just aren’t quite as good as the official app for the iPhone. Well now the Facebook app for iPad is here — but it’s hidden inside the iPhone app and you’ll need to do a bit of tinkering to install it.   The treasure was  [Read More…]

500,000 New MacBook Airs Shipped Already

According to Digitimes Apple has already shipped 400,000-500,000 third generation MacBook Airs. How fast can they make these things? Digitime’s source said volume is expected to remain strong throughout july and August, no doubt because of back-to-school sales. Quote: The sources estimated that Apple’s MacBook series sales will reach 13-14 million units in 2011 and may even reach 15 million units, while adding that Apple is the only vendor that has provided a full shipments forecast  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Already Selling Out Of Snow Leopard DVDs, Will Apple Print More?

Whether or not OS X Lion shows up on the Mac App Store late next week, as All Things D believes, or on the 26th, as some Apple Store employees belive, one thing’s for sure: it’s coming before the month is out. So it’s not totally a surprise that Amazon.com is running low on copies of Snow Leopard, having sold out entirely of retail copies of OS X 10.6 on  [Read More…]

iOS 4.3.4 Jailbroken Already On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Using PwnageTool Bundle [Tutorial]

ve them to the directory where the tetheredboot utility is lying, refer to the screenshot below: Jailbreak 4.3 (2) Step 14: Turn off your iPhone, start Terminal on your Mac and type in the following commands: sudo –s Enter your administrator password, whatever that might be, then type the following: /Users/TaimurAsad/Desktop/tetheredboot/tetheredboot /Users/TaimurAsad/Desktop/tetheredboot/iBSS.n90ap.RELEASE.dfu /Users/TaimurAsad/Desktop/tetheredboot/kernelcache.release.n90 The commands might be a different on your Mac, replace “TaimurAsad” with the name of the user directory on your Mac accordingly. Hit Enter  [Read More…]