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Upgrading Apple fitness apps: What’s missing and what are the alternatives?

Apple’s fitness apps are surprisingly limited given that is a core selling point of Apple Watch. Even basic features like mapping runs and challenging friends are currently missing. And from what we’ve seen so far, watchOS 2 won’t address these…Read more ›

5 gorgeous analog alternatives to suit every Apple Watch budget

The Apple Watch is a watch in as much as the iPhone is a phone: bearing a resemblance to its titular device, but doing so much more as well. With that said, Apple’s focus on inviting fashion and watch journalists…Read more ›

Play This, Not That: Better Alternatives To iOS Games That Fall Short

Look: We know that not every iOS game is perfect. They all have their little quirks and irregularities, and some are flat-out broken. But among those that are actually playable, some contain a core mechanic that stumbles somewhere along the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Play This, Not That: 5 Alternatives To Popular iOS Games

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Reeder For iPhone Gets Support For Google Reader Alternatives, Goes Free

Reeder-iPhone-3-0The developer behind Reeder, one of the best Google Reader clients for iOS, has confirmed that the app’s development will continue after Google Reader is closed on July 1. The app will soon receive an update that will bring support for a number of Google Reader alternatives, and if that wasn’t enough, it’ll be free on […]

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Great Alternatives To iPhoto [Feature]

Even if you take crappy photos, Pixa doesn’t care.

I’m not going to list all the problems with Apple’s iPhotos for OS X. I’ll just say that it’s clunky, slow, the library bloats as fast as a mob informer that’s been dumped in the Hudson, Photo Stream doesn’t work reliably and – every frikkin time I switch back to the app – it flips to the “Last Import” section in the source list.  [Read More…]

Google Reader is Dead: Here Are The Best Google Reader Alternatives

RSS You might be aware by now that Google announced they are shutting down Google Reader, the longtime RSS reading favorite. Google Reader will be put to rest on July 1 of this year, and chances are good that will impact at least some of you reading this. We know that over 15,000 of you use Google Reader alone every day to read OSXDaily’s RSS feed, that’s about 1/4 of  [Read More…]

Apple Begins Promoting iOS 6 Maps Alternatives In The App Store

Not only has Apple apologized for the embarassing state of iOS 6 Maps today, and not only has Tim Cook personally advised users to try competing app products like Bing, Mapquest and Google Maps as they get iOS 6 Maps’ shit together, but Apple is now promoting Maps alternatives at the very top of the iOS App Store listings. This is an unprecedented admission of fault by Apple. It’s mea culpas  [Read More…]

FileMaker iOS Apps Are Easy To Build Alternatives To Native Apps

FileMaker pitches its product line as an alternative to native iOS app development.

Last week FileMaker launched a new campaign to encourage businesses to adopt the company’s flagship database product line as an app development platform for the iPhone and iPad. The move is unique and the idea of FileMaker as an enterprise development solution does have its appeal – creating FileMaker apps requires no software development knowledge or experience and it  [Read More…]

Apple Gave Samsung Some Design Alternatives

Recently released public versions of legal briefs from Julys court case which sought a ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 revealed that Apple illustrated that the design of the iPad and iPhone were based on aesthetics. Apple even went as far as giving Samsung a list of tweaks it could make to differentiate their products. In this same court case, Samsung argued that the patents Apple was using against the Galaxy Tab were based on  [Read More…]