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Tim Cook drops by Palo Alto Apple Store for iPhone SE launch

The iPhone SE isn’t drawing as big of lines today as the wait to reserve a Tesla Model 3, but Tim Cook still decided to check-in on at least one Apple Store to gauge interest in the tiny new device. Apple’s CEO was spotted at the Palo Alto Apple Store this morning talking to customers […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Tim Cook flashes his custom Apple Watch at Palo Alto store

Tim Cook was spotted at the Apple Store in Palo Alto this morning, greeting customers who had come in to get a first look at the Apple Watch. The Apple CEO said he was impressed with the enthusiasm behind Apple…

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Tim Cook opens Apple’s Palo Alto store for iPhone 6 customers

Thousands of people around the world lined up at their local Apple stores this morning for new iPhones, but only a select few got a meet-and-greet with the company’s CEO. Tim Cook was at the Apple Store in Palo Alto,…

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Apple Is Building A Massive New Apple Store To Outshine Microsoft In Palo Alto


Apple is building a massive new store at the Stanford shopping center in Palo Alto to replace its smaller, more modest retail location a few hundred yards away. The new Apple Store is going up just a stones throw away from a big Microsoft Store that opened last spring.

The new flagship store is expected to be one of Apple’s largest ever, as it will enough extra floor space to test new  [Read More…]

The Palo Alto Apple Store Might Be Too Loud For Sensitive Ear Drums

One of the newest Apple Stores in the world opened up just a few weeks ago in Palo Alto, just a stone’s throw away from Apple HQ in Cupertino. The new store is supposed to be a sort of prototype for future Apple Stores and features a glass facasade that allows passersby to view the entire store from the street.

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New Prototype Apple Store To Open In Palo Alto This Saturday

Just a short drive away from Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, Apple has been working on a new store in Palo Alto that is said to be a “prototype” Apple Store. The new Apple Store will have its grand opening on October 27th at 10AM.

Last year it was reported that the Palo Alto store will feature some unique open architecture elements. The store is supposed to be about 5,030 sq. ft and  [Read More…]

Check Out This Amazing Technicolor Chalk Portrait Of Steve Jobs From Last Weekends Palo Alto Arts Festival


This weekend saw Palo Alto, California once again hosting its annual Festival of the Arts. The festival is known, amongst other things, for its yearly Italian Street Painting Expo, in which over sixty street artists take to the pavement to make elaborate paintings in chalk.

This year, to honor Palo Alto’s most famous adopted son, street artist Lawrence Viariseo did this amazing technicolor Steve Jobs portrait. Steve looks, perhaps, a little  [Read More…]

Burglars Take $60,000 Worth Of Stuff From Steve Jobss Palo Alto Home

Jobs’s family home has recently undergone major renovation work.

Burglars have broken into Steve Jobs’s family home in Northern California and stolen more than $ 60,000 worth of “computers and personal items.” 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin, of Alameda, has been arrested and charged with residential burglary and selling stolen property.

McFarlin remains in county jail on a $ 500,000 bail, and could face a prison sentence of seven years and eight months, including  [Read More…]

Tim Cooks 2,400 Square-Foot Home In Palo Alto Keeps Him Rooted

Tim Cook is one of the world�s top CEOs, but you wouldn�t know that by where he lays his head at night. The recently-appointed head of Apple Inc. lives in a�2,400 square-foot, relatively-modest home in Palo Alto, California.

The four-bedroom condo boasts a tiny yard and small�adjunct section of real estate in the back. Not much for a man that was recently awarded a�$  [Read More…]

Apple Working On Prototype Retail Store In Palo Alto [Report]

Mercury News is reporting that Apple is preparing construction on a new �prototype� retail store in Palo Alto, California. The store will be built about a block away from an existing Apple Store at�340 University Avenue.

With work set to begin �any day now,� the new store will reportedly feature a glass skylight and plenty of stone and metal. The�$ 3.15 million project received its�building permit on December 12th  [Read More…]