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The original Eliss wowed everyone back in 2009 with its multitouch controls, cool music, and increasingly frantic gameplay. Now, we have Eliss Infinity, which includes the original game and a few more modes to keep even veteran players interested. Eliss… Read more ›     

Ever wanted to dabble in anime? Sure you have. Anime Studio Debut is fun, easy, and exciting for any age and any skill level. This powerful and comprehensive animation software will help your ideas come to life. Plus, it includes… Read more ›     

When I reviewed the Lollipod iPhone tripod, I mentioned that the super-light support would also make a great portable lighting stand. It seems I wasn’t the only person to notice this, and now the folks behind the Lollipod have added… Read more ›     

To celebrate the Mac’s 30th anniversary today, Apple created an amazing font set made up of tiny little Macs. It depicts every model the Cupertino company has released since the original Macintosh made its debut back in 1984, and with… Read more ›     

  Panasonic, maker of everything from vacuum cleaners to bikes, can now count itself as a maker of awesome lenses. The brand-new Leica 42.5mm f1.2 for Micro Four Thirds cameras is not only impressive specs-wise (it’s an ultra-fast 85mm equivalent… Read more ›     

Amazing Tablet Desk Is Perfect For Tiny Apartments

My current desk cost me around €30 in the local flea market, comes from the GDR and is awesome. But it’s not a great desk for piling up with tech, thanks to a complete lack of charger cubbyholes and cable… Read more ›     

  Heyday for the iPhone is a little like the great (and defunct) Everpix flashback feature, which showed you photos you took on this day in history. Only Heyday goes one better: it doesn’t just remember photos, it remembers places,… Read more ›     

We’ve shown you plenty of app deals, but this one may be the best. App Santa is a new project from some of the best and most popular indie iOS developers. It includes 15 award-winning apps that have been discounted… Read more ›     

Procreate 2 Update Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

Procreate is pretty much my favorite drawing and painting app for the iPad, and v2.0 blows the metaphorical, Cockney-accented doors off the previous version. Yes, it’s now iOS 7-ready, but it’s also now an absurdly powerful images editor, with a… Read more ›     

Keeping tabs on your brood this Halloween? Sure, you could use Apple’s Find My Friends. But it doesn’t have as many cool features as these two new apps, and it also can’t track Android phones — while these two apps…

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