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Amazon’s Gesture-Controlled iPhone Killer Sounds Kind Of Stupid

Last month, we reported that always reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was predicting that when Amazon finally gets into the smartphone business, it challenge the iPhone with a smartphone with as many as six different cameras. Kuo predicted that at least…Read more ›

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos App Improves Navigation, Adds Enjoyment

Oh man. It looks like “fairly well designed photo-storage and viewing services” are the new black. Or something. Now Amazon is back in the game with an updated version of Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, an app with a name only…Read more ›

Amazon’s Answer To The iPhone Will Have Six Different Cameras [Report]

Amazon has been rumored for years to be making its own smartphone, but now, according to reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s actually going to happen. But the weirdest thing isn’t that Amazon’s planning on releasing a smartphone… it’s that they…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Amazon’s Apple TV Competitor To Launch Next Month [Rumor]

Amazon’s much-anticipated Apple TV competitor will finally launch next month, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. The device will offer incentives to members of the Amazon Prime subscription service, sources claim, and it will be powered by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Amazon’s Whispersync For Voice Now With Cheap Audio Upgrades, Automatic Title Matching

Amazon’s Whispersync for voice was always an interesting curiosity: You can read a book on your Kindle, seamlessly switch to the Audiobook version, and then switch back again, all without losing your place. This works thanks to the fact that Amazon owns Audible, the biggest audiobook seller around. The service just got a lot easier […]

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Court Dismisses Apple’s Claim That Amazon’s “Appstore” Is Deceptive


Apple launched a temper-tantrum when Amazon decided to title their marketplace for mobiles app as the “Appstore.” Apple was there first and they started using “The App Store” way before anyone else, so they told the United States district court that Amazon is trying to mislead customers.

Not everyone sees things Apple’s way though and the U.S. district court has dismissed Apple’s claims that the Amazon Appstore is false advertising and deceives customers.

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Amazons New Kindle Fire Tablets May Look Good, But The iPad Will Still Be King [Report]

Will Amazon’s Kindle party be crashed by the iPad mini?

If you’re in the market for a tablet, and you don’t mind adopting Google’s Android platform, then the choice available to you right now is incredible. Amazon alone announced a pair of new Kindle Fire HD tablets on Thursday that feature an impressive selection of specifications, with 7- and 8.9-inch displays, that are priced at $ 199 and $ 299 respectively.

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Even Amazons CEO Jeff Bezos Thinks Android Tablets Suck

Amazon’s keynote has just gotten underway where CEO Jeff Bezos is unveiling some new Kindles. Before anything was revealed though, Bezos took a jab at other Android tablets and basically said they suck.

“Customers are smart. Last year, there were more than two dozen Android tablets launched into the marketplace, and nobody bought ‘em.Why? Because they’re gadgets, and people don’t want gadgets anymore. They want services that improve over time. They  [Read More…]

Can Amazons New $159 Kindle Fire Compete With The iPad Mini?

With the Galaxy Nexus 7 eating their lunch and the iPad mini expected to debut in October and put the squeeze on the first-generation model, Amazon has just announced the new Kindle Fire.

Featuring an all-new, more iPad-ish form factor, the new 7-inch Kindle Fire boasts a faster processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 40% faster performance and longer battery life. Otherwise, though, Amazon is being mum about the specs.

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How To Use Amazons Instant Video App On A Jailbroken iPad

Video playback in Amazon Instant Video on the iPad? Heck yes!

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It was recently revealed that jailbroken iPads are not able to useAmazon’s new Instant Video app. The issue is a common one that similar apps, like HBO GO and DirectTV, have dealt with in the past. The reason jailbroken iPads couldn’t access Amazon’s  [Read More…]