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Smartphone charged by ambient sound could free us from power supplies

Researchers in the U.K. have developed a cellphone that is charged by ambient sound, eliminating the need for a charger. Filled with energy-harvesting “nanogenerators,” the device uses a principal called the piezoelectric effect to turn the sound vibrations in the atmosphere around it…Read more ›

iWatch patent describes in-built camera and ambient light sensors

As rumors continue to swell about Apple’s long-awaited leap into wearable tech, the U.S. Patent & Trademarks Office Tuesday granted a new patent covering an iWatch-like device form factor. While Apple only lists a “wrist-watch device” as one of the…Read more ›

nyNoise, An Awesome Ambient Sound Generator For iPhone

Of all the ambient noise apps I’ve tried, myNoise is the best. Based on the well-regarded website of the same name, myNoise for iPhone is a “noise generator,” not just an app that plays recordings of rain and coffee shops.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Phil Schiller Says iPod Touch Is Too Thin To Include Ambient Light Sensor

Owners of the new iPod Touch may spend a lot more time manually updating the brightness of their device because, unlike previous models, the iPod Touch doesn’t have an ambient light sensor or auto-brightness settings.

After checking the iPod Touch spec sheet, we found out yesterday that Apple left the sensor out on purpose. Why did they ditch it when users have come to expect it? According to a purported email from  [Read More…]

The New iPod Touch Has No Ambient Light Sensor Or Auto-Brightness

The new fifth-generation iPod touch is the thinnest, most advanced iPod touch yet, boasting a 4-inch display, an A5 chip and an incredibly small form factor, but it’s not an upgrade in every way from the models that preceded it.

In fact, in one key way, it’s a serious downgrade from previous iPod touches: the new iPo touch no longer has an ambient light sensor, meaning that it can’t adjust  [Read More…]

Apple Reportedly Shopping Around for Improved iPhone Ambient Light Sensors

Click the image to open in full size. Apple is said to be displeased with the present light sensor found in the iPhone 4. As a result, the company is believed to be actively shopping for a new component supplier for the part in question. At this time, it isn’t clear if a deal could be reached to deliver a higher-caliber sensor in the iPhone 5 before the product launch is scheduled. But it  [Read More…]