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Boost Your iPad’s Speaker Volume In An Instant With The Amplifiear [Review]

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The Amplifiear from BiteMyApple is a nifty little accessory that clips onto the corner of your iPad and boosts its sound output. It’s specifically moulded to amplify and direct the sound from your iPad’s speaker, and it promises to increase its volume by up to 10 decibels.

Amplifiear by BiteMyApple Category: Accessories Works With: iPads 1-4 Price: $ 24.99

While the iPad’s speaker might not need amplifying in  [Read More…]

Amplifiear Amplifies Your iPad’s Dumb Speaker

It wasn’t until I’d written the name at least five times that I realized the Amplifiear isn’t called the “Amplifear” after all. That’s not to say I’m disappointed: I’d much rather have an acoustic amplifier for my iPad than a small, buzzing metal box that amplifies the terror in my heart until my emotions are torn into rags and my live becomes a fearful shuffle from corner dark corner.

The name clearly comes from the words  [Read More…]